The new Mavic Comete Ultimate road cycling shoe is very clearly aimed at the spare-no-expense-for-performance crowd. Priced at $999, it’s a no holds barred exercise in both materials and construction as well as boosting human performance. The design uses separate inner and outer parts that can be swapped and replaced, and the cut is optimized to improve ankle range of motion, and the outsole to maximized efficiency. Like most outlandishly expensive technology showcases, we’re betting the key features will trickle down eventually, so step past the break to see what makes the Comete Ultimate so special…


Part one is the carbon fiber skeleton, which builds in the sole, frame for the uppers and Mavic ERGO dial retention mechanisms.

Part two is the bootie, which will come in hot, cold and rain versions.

Put it all together and you get the complete shoe.

Vent holes underneath combine with a much thinner and more breathable bootie it enhance air flow throughout the shoe, which helps keep your feet cool and dry in summer. The “V Plate” cleat attachment system has a stack height of just 4.5mm, which is very thin. The heel pad, ERGO dials and V-Plate are all replaceable.

Mavic’s been working on this shoe for three years, and this final result is something they say will help you pump out more power more efficiently. Specifically, they’re claiming:

  • 15% energy saved: The Comete Ultimate reduces up to 15% of the energy cost of the major calf Muscles recruited during the pedal stroke:
    • 70% of testers withstood longer on an admitted exhaustive test
    • 4.2 Watts saved per pedal stroke: Less energy for the same power transfer.
  • A more efficient and increased range of motion:
    • 19% increase in available range of motion through the ankle: lower contour at the ankle leads to increased range of motion and results in riders feeling a greater degree of connectedness with the bike.
    • Greater degree of ankle angular freedom allows for better passage through the top and bottom “deadzones” of the pedal stroke
    • Immediate feeling of “rounder” pedaling

Claimed weight is 240g for size 8. The ski-boot inspired shoe will hit the US this summer with a retail price of $999.


  1. for 1000 bucks they will sell 100 pairs but for 500 bucks they could sell thousands, ya listening mavic, coz i want a pair!

  2. Wow, I’ve ridden in wet, muddy, dry, cold, and hot conditions for years. I’ve used 5-ten shoes and wool socks when the weather gets cold. I use SealSkin socks when it’s gunna be a wet muddy ride. I use regular socks for when the weather is optimal. Works great although this shoe sounds great and would probably simplify my life a little but not so much that it’s worth paying $1,000. This will be for a very niche market and pro athletes.

  3. damn….those are badass. i want. but unfortunately I am 999.99 shy. anyone wanna make a charitable contribution to my charity. The Human Fund!

  4. $999 is… almost reasonable? It’s three shoes in one, and all the wear items can be cleaned or replaced. Needs a Speedplay sole!

  5. A swappable outer shoe for rainy condition? I’m sure as hell not going to ride $1,000 shoes in the rain! That’s what my beat up 9 year old shoes are for!

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