It was almost exactly one year ago that Litespeed updated the T5G gravel road bike’s geometry and added flat mount brakes, and now they’ve made even more versatile by adding more and better mounts. Some of last year’s changes involved updated geometry to make it a little more stable and well mannered on the loose pebbles and dusty dirt often encountered off the tarmac. But for those looking to get even further away from pavement, the T5 Gravel now packs a bit more, um, lunch…

2017 Litespeed T5 Gravel oad bike adds rack mounts

Top tube “bento box” mounts let you store more snacks in easy reach.

2017 Litespeed T5 Gravel oad bike adds rack mounts

Out back, the rear dropouts have gone away from the sleek round machined parts and bent seat stays in favor of more traditional flat plates of titanium. They may not look quite as sweet, but they allow for two sets of rack/fender mounting holes on each side, and much easier frame fabrication. It also makes for more streamlined wiring for Di2 or EPS.

2017 Litespeed T5 Gravel oad bike adds rack mounts

Further up, they’ve added rack mounts on the seat stays, and the fender mount remains under the bridge. The full carbon gravel fork, which is their own design, also adds lower rack/fender mounts just under the thru axle dropouts. The updated version should be available by summer.


      • Mason Bokeh, advocate sand county, moots routt 45, otso warakin to nnameva few. all state of the art and threaded compared to this t5g

        • Those are bikes that don’t have PF30 / BB30 etc bottom brackets, but they still have pressed in bottom bracket bearings.

          • Moots Routt 45 comes standard with old school threaded bottom bracket but can be ordered with pressed in bottom bracket bearings.

            • I think JimmySan’s point is that allnon-cup-and-cone bottom brackets are press-fit at some point: either directly into the bottom bracket shell or into threaded aluminum cups.

      • Exactly Jason! All modern bottom brackets have pressed in bearings. I don’t see what value adding 4 threads just to press the bearings into a different piece of metal. Millions of cartridge bearings are pressed into service around the world in thousands of applications. Seems the issue with PF30 or BB30 bikes is either ham fisted mechanics who can’t figure out how to press in bearings or manufacturers who cut corners and can’t hold tolerances on their bottom bracket shells (or choose not too in order to save costs). If your mechanic can’t figure out how to press bearings it is time to find a more professional mechanic and if your frame manufacturer can’t (or won’t) hold tolerance on their BB shell as well as Shimano or Sram etc hold it on their BB units, why would you trust them to do something more complicated like a BSA68 or T47?

        See point #4 here:

        I for one appreciate that Litespeed is sticking with what should be the better / less redundant system (and doing it well in my experience) instead of following the sheep into hysterics when they blame the wrong parties.

    • My T5G is almost 2 years old and the King PF30 BB in the frame has not had one issue. It has been through creeks, mud, dust, torrential rain and has never been touched. Zero issues.

  1. This frame would’ve been a perfect candidate for a T47 bottom bracket if they refused to go with 68mm BSA, but this *is* Litespeed we’re talking about, so I guess we get cheap-to-build over quiet-and-reliable.

  2. Frame is PF30. I installed Praxxis hassle free BB on my T5g, and worries gone.
    BUT, seeing new features and design for 2018, I fell really lucky getting a 2017 bike. Those dropouts are really ugly and cheal looking…
    If I wanted a touring bike, I would not choose a gravel bike!
    This is relly non-sense.
    Tons of backpack gear is availbale right now. Rack on a gravel bike ? Seriously ?
    Get the curretn design before it´s sold out…

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