watteam powerbeat add-on power meter for SRAM and FSA carbon crank arms now in testing

Almost three years after first showing their universal add-on power meter for alloy cranks, the Watteam Powerbeat is getting ever closer to their goal of having carbon-compatible version, too. The image above was sent out with this teaser:

“The carbon compatible sensor is just about to leave the lab and start hitting the roads for some beta rides and tests. So far things look super accurate.”

This isn’t the first time they’ve announced that it’ll work with carbon cranks, but this update is merely to let everyone know it’s out of the lab and onto real roads. The strain gauge placement appears to have changed again, putting them on top and bottom of the cranks rather than the sides. While we await production, check our first impressions of the system here.


  1. Have the strain gauges really moved back to the top and bottom, or could they still be on the back side of the crank and the top and bottom bits are just to give it better purchase and prevent being knocked off?

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