Franco’s caught our attention in recent years for their amazing paint schemes at Sea Otter. Doesn’t hurt that their bikes are pretty sweet looking, too, and the latest is the Latigo RS1. It’s a full carbon road bike that’s made in Italy and available with custom geometry. And yes, it’s rim brake only for now, because they still see that as the best option for a race bike. It does get a nod to modern trends with a generous 28mm tire clearance, though. If you want discs with a different take on modern (steel), the Grimes 2.0 is worth a look…

This one has a medium frame size with large head tube so the rider still has the race feel but puts him in a more endurance geometry without a giant stack of headset spacers. Because custom, and you can do the same.

Threaded BB.

Retail is $4,500 for a frameset, painted. Custom geo adds about $1000, depending on the modifications.

The Grimes was introduced a couple years ago, and this is a prototype Grimes 2.0.

It’s a steel frame made that’s made in California and full modernized with a 44m headtube, internal Di2 ports, and they’ve now made it thru axle only (prior versions let you opt for QR or TA). It switches to a threaded BB, too, to keep it solid and simple.

The frame will clear a 2.1″tire on 29er/700c rims, because “why no go bigger than 650b?”

They’re finishing up the rear end to get all the clearance issues dialed, should be out in May or June.

Retail is $1500 frame with Salsa steel fork wth eyelets.


  1. The Latiga’s a looker. Does BR have any idea who the manufacturer is in Italy that’s making the Latiga frames? Sarto?

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