It was only a few weeks ago that the Flow Snap was introduced in 2.6″ Plus widths for 29er and 27.5, and now Vee Tire Co’s Flow Snap now comes in a 29×2.30 and 27.5×2.35 with their Enduro Core casing, giving you an option that’s almost as tough as their Gravity Core casings, but lighter weight for climbing to section starts. At 920g, it’s not “light” but the deep, robust knobs in soft dual compound rubber will keep you planted when the clock starts.

Check out those and more below…

The Enduro Core is a Synthesis Sidewall with an Epic insert for better sidewall protection…which is what you’re seeing just under the rubber. They say it provides better cut resistance than competing options.

The 27.5×2.6 was shown at Taipei and has the option of their Silica compound for better traction in cold weather.


panaracer pander wide enduro mountain bike tire prototype

Panaracer’s Panduro is coming early summer as a 27.5×2.4 with various rubber Compound options. Possibly more sizes will follow shortly thereafter.

The Gravel King and Gravel King SK (semi-knob) are now available in 48mm widths for 650B. The SK will also come in a 700×38. All are around $60.


IRC’s easy-to-setup tubeless ready cyclocross tires will soon be available with an X-Guard casing option. This is their toughest casing, adding a 40x40tpi woven barrier from bead to bead to improve puncture protection. It also toughens up the sidewalls, helping prevent cuts. Between the three, you’ve got options for Sand, Mud and Intermediate conditions.


  1. fiddlestixob on

    all i care about are 30-35mm, rolling thread pattern, tubeless, not too horribly heavy and less than 50usd per tire for gravel bikes =)
    though panaracer tends to fit that category, i hope they still do with the new tires.

  2. Beat_the_trail on

    I’ve been using Panaracer Ribmos for years on my one commuter, and have been waiting for them to release a tubeless specific model. I have Panaracer Tservs on my canal path rig and set them up tubeless, but the advantage isn’t that great since they tend to be too compliant to really air them down. I have a Fire Pro on the back of my MTB and am happy with it.
    But I’ve been using a lot of Bontrager tires lately, and love the durability and TLR simplicity. My daily rider/commuter/CX rig has AW2 TLRs in a 28mm width that I can run at 65/70 psi and have tremendous grip. I picked up some 700×38 LT2 TLRs that I haven’t tried yet, but look like they’ll be awesome gravel and light single track tires.
    The downside to Bontrager tires is the retail cost, but I’m a Ninja, so my EP price is ~$20 per tire it makes them way more palatable.

  3. don seib on

    the gravel kings seem the best of gravel these days, super light, durable (usually those two don’t go together) and measure larger than their selling size on anything 21m or wider internal. oh yeah, they roll fast too



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