Spot Brand Mayhem 29er trail mountain bike with Living Link carbon fiber leaf spring suspension

Spot Brand first rolled their Living Link leaf spring suspension bike through Sea Otter in 2015 as an alloy test mule. Then in 2016, they gave us an early look at the carbon fiber production version called Rollik, which moved through the trails on 27.5″ tires. Now, the design is ready to tame the trails as a 29er with 130mm travel front and rear. Or, run it as a 27.5+ bike. Check the video below, along with a few detail pics, for the full download…

Spot Brand Mayhem 29er trail mountain bike with Living Link carbon fiber leaf spring suspension

Spot Brand Mayhem 29er trail mountain bike with Living Link carbon fiber leaf spring suspension

Spot Brand Mayhem 29er trail mountain bike with Living Link carbon fiber leaf spring suspension

Hit the links up top to see the Living Link in action and dive deeper into the tech, it’s lifespan and how it moves.


  1. Ok I saw better pics on their website.

    So basically they built a old carbon cannondale scaple, pivotless with a bolt on carbon pivot instead of built on.

    Why? To make the pivot heavier? Or does cannondale have a patent on that design 10 years ago?

    Also this design is a single pivot and horrible pedaling bob while climbing. We stopped riding these a long time ago because they didn’t work. Stiffening up the pivot does not fix that flaw. It makes it slow and inefficient.

    • Evidently it isn’t clear, but this wheel path does not behave as a single pivot, it is much closer to a modern dual short link bike. The leaf spring accommodates the motion required by the rear lower pivot, but has the performance advantages of a laterally stiffer connection than bearings, and a spring force component that has been tuned to support the rider in the sag range. In addition, the leaf spring doesn’t wear out, unlike bearings, thereby eliminating a maintenance point.

      It’s also worth mentioning that ‘horrible pedaling bob’ is not necessary attributable to a single pivot- there are many factors at play that balance shock force, leverage ratio progression, and anti squat to deliver an efficient ride experience. There are a lot of modern single pivot bikes that have very little bob.

      If you read the reviews of the Rollik online, you’ll find a unanimous agreement that this system is quite efficient, especially out of the saddle. The new Mayhem is the 29er/B+ sibling.

    • The only thing this has in common with a scalpel is that one pivot is replaced with a flex joint. In that regard, you could say this is copying a diving board, or a truck leaf spring, which it isn’t

      • It’s effectively a version of duel link design (dw, etc.) with one of the two pivots on the lower link replaced with the carbon plate.

        • If the carbon plate is flexy enough to bend after the pivot has moved then no way the shock is going to be able to control the pogo effect, dampening. Same problem as the lauf fork.

          If it’s stiffer then it could only come into play as a tiny amount and barely effect the shocks performance. No more than a carbon rear triangle and essentially make it a single pivot. And no single pivot shock to date can effectively control pedal bob without complete lockout.

          What you claim makes no engineering sense.
          Bring this bike to press camp. Looking forward to confirming my statements. Riding will be the only true rating, not the assurance or fancy advertising words of manufacturer.

    • You should get some glasses. How can you not see that this is a dual link bike? Your whole post is completely wrong. it is embarrassing.

      BTW the SPOT LL design climbs better than any bike on the market and that is with the rear shock in Open position.

    • ascarlarkinyar – I highly recommend throwing a leg over this bike (or the Rollik). There’s no use having a speculative engineering debate in an internet forum, especially when a bike rides this well. I’ve ridden both the Mayhem and the Rollik and they climb like the wind and are exceptionally fun downhill.

  2. This is a very neat bike.
    I love the orange, the high anti squat DW like suspension, the tall head tube in xl, the orange color.
    I would have like a 180mm post mount in the rear, and a touch more travel (140mm).
    What is the weight of the XL frame ?

  3. The frames are not light 7+ pounds and FS carbon frames should not be super light if you want them to be stiff in the right places so they don’t break. I have broken 5 carbon frames so I know!! ascarlarkinyar how can talk bad about bike you never even rode? I can’t wait to ride this bike, all the guy’s at Spot are great people with passion about MTB. That red color is awesome!!

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