Chris Mogridge is the founder of Mercury Cycles, a wheel brand that, like so many of them, started out building wheels using catalog rims, hubs and spokes. Granted they were really good ones, but that’s the way most wheel builders that turn into wheel brands get going. Chris wasn’t a wheel builder. He’s a business man, and it shows through in his thought process. Use alternate retail channels to grow? Yep. Take advantage of the slump in bicycle sales to get a better deal on manufacturing? Yep. Try new things, fail fast, and cut losses? Yep, yep and yep. It’s all here, tons of real world business to get your own wheels turning.

For the full show notes, more pics and links to some of the stuff we talked about, check out The Build Cycle!


  1. Former real estate developer becomes disenchanted after the ’08 crash, so he reinvests his loot into his hobby… Seems passionate enough but not the most enchanting backstory or deep heritage that you’d expect to hear from a wheel company. Wheels were’t even his first choice when Mercury began. Though his comments on the industry and the business model that he follows was interesting to hear. Far more impressed with his side project than anything else.

  2. Have you ever noticed how many negative comments show up of this page? I ask myself​ every day, do any of these people even contribute to cycling? Do they have any of​ their own money in a company? The answer I keep coming up with is NO! They are all want to be racers that might have been good in their home town and now are just jaded trolls. Now I don’t ride Mercury wheels, but I respect them because they serve a purpose for a lower budgeted wheel and more choices for rider’s. The guy sounds humbled that he had idea put HIS own money behind it and followed it through and at the end of the day it didn’t work. I wish him luck with the next venture.

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