Santa Cruz Bicycles factory and headquarters tour

You might be surprised to know that every Santa Cruz Bicycle sold in North America (and most of the rest of the world, actually) is assembled right here in the USA. Their headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA, doubles as an assembly factory, and so much more. They have a full sized carbon press now, allowing them to mockup rideable prototypes out of carbon fiber, a full machine shop to make the linkages and other bits for testing different angles and sizes, and so much more! Join our host Don Palermini as he walks us through the facility, below…


  1. cwong on

    I visited the factory showroom last year when I was on vacation in SC from Canada. They have a demo fleet of insane bikes (ENVE/i9 wheels, the whole nine yards) that you can rent for $20 for 5 hours.

    Highly recommended for those visiting the area!


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