2017 Sidi Shot Vent road cycling shoes and Tiger mountain bike shoes

From the top, the new Sidi Shot Vent (road) and Tiger (mountain bike) cycling shoes look the same. Both use the same upper with an all-new top-mounted placement of their Double Tecno 3 ratcheting closure. The dials on them have been smoothed over to avoid accidental nicks and knocks, and putting them up top helps keep them out of harm’s way. That positioning also helps balance out the cable pull, pulling it evenly across the top of the foot. It should also keep that tongue centered, which is always nice…

2017 Sidi Shot Vent road cycling shoes and Tiger mountain bike shoes

Both models retail for $549, easily putting them on the top end of the pricing spectrum from any brand.

2017 Sidi Shot Vent road cycling shoes and Tiger mountain bike shoes

The bottoms of the shoes are where you can tell them apart. Besides the addition of more tread blocks (which ar all replaceable), the mountain bike shoe uses the Drako Carbon SRS sole, and the Shot Vent gets its own vented outsole with a closable front vent to control air intake.

2017 Sidi Shot Vent road cycling shoes and Tiger mountain bike shoes

The rear end on both has their adjustable heel cup with integrated rear and side reflectors.



  1. F-ugly… SIDI is losing it really. Latest good models were the Ergo 3 and the Dragon 3 in mtb… Mtb sole in full carbon was great, but with the Wire and Drako, aesthetics but also feet support went to worse. With these they just lost it all, they are doing a favor to Bont and Specialized and Shimano and… Their fit is awesome though, much better than mavic, or giro or shimano, that’s for sure, but not so cool as it was… and those red reflectives on the back, that’s a double facepalm.

    Sidi should improve things, some models have the same sole as in 2005, same parts…. 15 years with the same desgin for some models!

    • Feet do change over time but minus fit, Sidi hasn’t changed technology. Wheels are still round but far better. Cannondale hasn’t changed their frame geometry for that Super 6 but they’ve made it perform better. Look at the Trek Madone’s evolution. So do changes nearly nothing.

  2. Werd! Why mess with perfection. The shoes fit is amazing and they last forever! They offer so many color options now that you can get all coordinated too 😉

  3. The dial location looks like it wouldn’t work well for people with flat feet, as it limits how close the sides can be pulled in. With my big flat flippers I often need to have the velcro/ratchets/laces done up so far that the tongue of the shoe is completely hidden.

  4. bring back the techno made from the same materials but with a carbon sole, most comfortable shoe ever but flexy as a f%$

  5. On paper, the price of Sidi’s are crazy expensive, however their durability more than makes up for it. I’ve had several different brands of shoes fall apart after one season. If you’re paying only 200 for a pair of shoe but have to replace it each season, is it cheaper? For Sidi’s, I bought a pair of Neon Pink and black Sidi Wires 3 or so years ago to match my then current teams kit. That team folded, but the shoes have not. After 3 years, they are still nearly perfect. I would like to get a new pair to match my teams stuff but with the shoes being in good condition, I can’t justify it. When you think about, if you pay $350 for a pair of shoes, but it lasts for 3+ seasons, they’re really only about $100 per year.

  6. I love my Sidi Wires. They perform superbly, fit perfectly and have years left even after 3 years of use. I am very concerned about this new model because it looks like they will have pressure points on the instep which is very sensitive because a the nerves that run in this area due to my high instep. The old model spanned this area with no direct pressure points.

  7. Dylan it actually works great. I have a E width foot but no volume. The upper is cut a lot further apart than what I had on my Wire’s as well as the tongue being super padded. The tongue is also cut different than any other SiDi I’ve had, which doesn’t bunch up. It closes well and sits a. It off center to not put pressure on the tendons there. The wire base at the bottom is also a little bit higher allowing a little more toe movement giving it a wider feel than my wire. Loving them so far. Uppers are a ton softer and more breathable than the wires too. Like Asmallsol said they seem expensive until you think about how much abuse they put up with. It’s one of the few cycling things I don’t have to convince my wife it’s worth the extra money.

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