For Paul Camp 2017, they invited handmade bicycle builders from the area to submit their idea of the ultimate monstercross bike. Steve Rex is legend, and he built this beautiful fillet brazed steel bike with ultra smooth joints. Other builders were keen to check out his bike, and you can check it all out in this video and let him tell you all about it.


  1. Not a monstercross, it’s a gravel bike. Even Steve says it’s a gravel bike in the video. Everything about it is gravel. Weird.

    Fyi great article on the handbuilt bicycle news site right now on true history of monstercross.

  2. 80mm BB drop! Gravel riders pedal through corners, too. There’s a reason 68-72 mm has been the accepted standard on road bikes. of course fat rubber will raise that off the road a bit.

  3. I have a custom bike with 80mm drop as I requested and it works great for me even with 180mm cranks, although I am on 29″ x 2.1 tires so I assume this bike is 650b?

  4. hey,
    Do you know what is the fork used on this bike. looks like a normal 400 mm cx fork but it wear big 2.1 rubber. nice to can use real 29er without having to use a 480mm carbon fork, keep the geometry more gravel or cx ( as you wish) oriented.

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