Columbia Titanium Canuck winter fat bike shoe with hiking grip

If you ride with flat pedals in the winter, the new Columbia Titanium Canuck might be your new ultimate cold weather shoe for on and off the bike. Designed with the comfort of a hiking boot, it adds their dotted Omni-Heat reflective material on the inside and OutDry Extreme Waterproof material to prevent snowmelt from getting inside. But, they remain breathable. For grip, they use a Michelin rubber outsole called Ice Control. Look for them to hit retail this fall for around $200 or more. Just don’t get chain grease on them.

skinners minimalist sock shoes

Skinners raised more than a million dollars on Indigogo last year and are now shipping their minimalist, ultra-portable sock shoes. Seriously brilliant for after the ride when you want your feet to stay cool, dry and protected. They say they’re tough enough on the bottom for trail running and walking about town, are impervious to rocks and broken glass (and Legos), and they fold down small enough to fit in your jersey pocket.

Bröö is pretty much our favorite brand of shampoo. Not just because it’s made with beer, but because it smells absolutely amazing, is free of anything harmful, works great, and it’s extremely affordable. Now they’ve added a men’s oriented Barber line that does all of the above and includes a shave cream and after shave lotion. Which double as a conditioner and hair cream, respectively. Fewer lotions and potions laying around is always nice, but what’s most important is they work really well. The Condi-Shave Cream is perfect for shaving face and legs (or whatever else you’re into), and the Mug & Mane lotion is great for moisturizing afterward. The Shower Session body wash smelled so good, my daughter took and used it all up. Available at Walmart, Whole Foods, and more. Hit up to find more stores.

We posted more cool off the bike gear from Big Agnes and Drinktank earlier this week in a roundup.


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