A New Film from Bjorn Olson, Presented by Salsa Cycles, covers five friends traversing a large swath of southern Alaska by sea kayak, fatbike, and packrat in the Summer 2016, Sharing their experiences and reflecting on their journey, they put forward the question: Is a new age of exploration underway where dots previously left unconnected are being reexamined?


  1. I’m getting a little jaded after watching too many of these. Sponsored athletes with a large budget, provided all the equipment they need. I just can’t relate. I noticed all the brand markings are off the kayaks and rafts. Because Salsa had to pay?

    • murdock, I share the same distaste for big budget films, which showcase privileged people doing privileged and unreasonable things. As the maker of this film and as a lifelong Alaskan and adventurer I can guarantee this film is not that. For Kim and I, this trip was in our home state and we literally paddled out our back door and returned to our front door. We had no budget other than what we saved ourselves. I am a little flattered that you think it must have taken a lot of money to make this film, but it didn’t. And that is sort of my point. I am not special. You have the permission to do this too.

  2. Mudrock, sorry buddy, but you’re getting this all wrong. I happen to know these guys. Admittedly, it’s easy to confuse amazing skill with big budget. They got some free gear, but also build much of their own stuff. Bjørn and Kim are the real deal! So please don’t get jaded, but get out there yourself and have an adventure.

  3. I don’t really understand why bikepackers seem to think they don’t need helmets? Is that clumsy pack on your back and handlebars going to prevent an head injury?

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