The Sufferfest’s business model has evolved over the years. First, from a download basis to streaming, and now from a purely cycling training system (OK, sure, they have some triathlon videos, too) to one with structured training, to one that incorporates Yoga. And now mental training.

Now that Smith Optics will show us just how much of a monkey mind we really have, The Sufferfest is here to help you tame those thoughts and get in tune with your physical self. The goal? To help you improve goal setting, positive self talk, focus and learn how to review your progress in a meaningful way. It joins there new Achievements feature that keeps you motivated to train hard. Or, rather, smart. Both are free with streaming subscriptions.


  1. “It joins there new Achievements feature”


    On topic: the move into the mental aspect of training and racing is great. Hopefully this sparks more from others like TrainerRoad and Training Peaks.

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