Photos c. Speedvagen

No longer confined to the U.S. handmade bike scene, Speedvagen has their sights set on Europe. Gearing up for their first European fit tour, the Portland, OR based company is taking their hands on fitting sessions on the road. Hoping to make the connection with future owners and to get them completely comfortable with their new purchase, Speedvagen’s fit tours allow riders to test ride actual Speedvagen bikes and to get a fitting with founder Sacha White. Now, the opportunity is opening up to riders across the continent of Europe with three locations teed up for August through September…

Broken up into three stops, the European Fit Tour will begin with a stop at the Rapha Clubhouse in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from August 26 to August 29th. From there things move across the channel to London, UK at the Rapha Soho Clubhouse from August 31th to September 3rd. The fit tour concludes with a stop in Girona, Spain at Christian Meier’s Service Course from September 5th to the 10th. More details will be released later this month on the Speedvagen site or on social media: @thevanillaworkshop #SVFitTour.

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