Quarq DZero power meter aluminum spider carbon crankset DFour91 Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 complete crankset angled

As the data collection division of SRAM, Quarq has added a couple of new DZero power meter spiders that broaden their compatibility to the DZero family. The first, the Quarq DFour91 is a new spider design that uses the new asymmetric 4-bolt BCD of the latest R9100 Shimano Dura-Ace cranks so riders can pair the more affordable Quarq power meter with the excellent shift performance of a full Dura-Ace drivetrain setup. The other new spider is the Dzero for Specialized. Pretty self-explanatory it sticks with a standard 5-bolt symmetrical bolt circle diameter, but gets the Specialized spline interface making it a quick swap in for anyone already rolling on an S-Works carbon crankset. Check the details, weights, pricing & availability after the break…

Quarq DFour91

Quarq DZero power meter aluminum spider carbon crankset DFour91 Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 complete crankset

The Quarq DFour91 is built specifically for the latest Dura-Ace R9100 groupsets, going head to head against Shimano’s own power meter, but retaining D-A chainring compatibility. That means for $1180/1030€ you can get the Exogram carbon crank arms and power metering spider and you can bolt on a set of R9100 chainrings to maintain full drivetrain compatibility. That would be a savings of about $300-500 over Shimano’s own R9100 power meter, although you’d still need to round up a set of rings which don’t come cheap.

Quarq DZero power meter aluminum spider DFour91 Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 compatible

The Quarq DFour91 uses Shimano’s unique 4-bolt BCD and a spider designed to flow smoothly into the dark shaped Dura-Ace rings, but it still requires a SRAM bottom bracket. GXP & BB30 spindle versions though, mean it will work with pretty much any bike from traditional threaded to BBright & BB386EVO.

Quarq Power Ready crankset DZero 8-bolt spline interface power meter-ready

And if you are already using one of Quarq’s typical 8-bolt splined interface crankarms, you can buy the DFour91 spider on its own for $780/780€ and upgrade to a set of the excellent-shifting & long-wearing Dura-Ace forged chainrings.

Another big benefit over other power meter options as well, the DFour91 comes in a wide six crank length range: 162.5, 165, 170, 172.5, 175 & 177.5mm.

Quarq DZero for Specialized

Quarq DZero power meter aluminum spider DZero for Specialized S-Works carbon crank arm compatible

The DZero for Specialized is simply a reconfiguration of their standard spider for the Specialized interface. At $780/780€ it is the same price as the other spiders, just with the spline design to directly replace the original factory spider on S-Works carbon cranksets made from 2013 til now. That means it is simply a quick bolt-on replacement upgrade if you have one of the recent fat arm S-Works cranks, letting you keep the rest of your lightweight setup untouched (requiring a Specialized lock ring tool to install).

Quarq DZero power meter aluminum spider DZero for Specialized S-Works carbon crank arm compatible 110mm or 130mm 5-bolt BCD

Quarq does still build in one key option offering the spider in either 110 or 130mm 5-bolt BCDs so you can set up you power meter for anything from gravel grinding to traditional road racing.

Tech Details

Quarq DZero power meter aluminum spider detail

Both new power meters share the same tech and internals as the rest of the DZero power meter family that was introduced last summer, bringing the line-up to seven power meter variations. That means the latest advances from a decade of Quarq power metering of dual side readout and accuracy within 1.5%, plus both Bluetooth LE & ANT+ connectivity, AxCad magnet-free accelerometer-based cadence measurement, easy-to-find CR2032 batteries, IPX7 waterproofing, a full 2-year warranty, and the ability to swap out chainrings without affecting accuracy.

The Quarq DZero for Specialized & DFour91 can be bought through any SRAM/Quarq distributor or dealer, and are available around the globe starting today. Both new power meters are being manufactured in the USA in Quarq’s factory in Spearfish, South Dakota where they produce all of their power meters, plus the ShockWiz, the Qollector, and where they develop their own software.



  1. SWfun on

    I wonder if I can buy the specialized crankarm with Dfour91…
    P2M did line up shimano-4arm with specialized first year but I cannot buy it.

    • Dinger on

      As SRAM has placed all of their eggs in the 1X basket (and seems to have forced Shimano to follow suit), this is pretty unlikely.

  2. Troy@Quarq on

    @he-man Quarq has been making power meters since 2007 (2006 if you include the prototype) and each generation is better than the one before it. The DZero platform has 150 documented technology iterations and we’re very proud of its performance. This next thing matches what you said, but we’re proud of our support services too… We really strive to help any affected customers, so please contact us if you’re experiencing problems.

    • Veganpotter on

      Wanna deal with PM problems? Buy a Stages PM. Quark had some issues with 1st gen stuff. That’s natural. Now it’s just random but uncommon issues like any other high tech product out there. Make enough product, some won’t be perfect, most are.

      • Jeb on

        Have had 4 Stages PM’s only issue was a cracked 1st gen housing on a 5 year old Dura Ace 9100 crankset which they warrantied. No issues otherwise with 15,000 mi total on them.


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