USA Cycling RIDE membership offers supplemental accident insurance and roadside bicycle repair for cyclists

Two new benefits are available through two of the largest overseers of cycling activity: Strava and USA Cycling. Starting with the latter, USA Cycling is now offering a $50/year membership in RIDE. It’ll provide $25,000 in supplemental insurance for accidents during any organized event, regardless of whether it’s USA Cycling sanctioned or not; Legal assistance from Bike Law; and 24/7 roadside assistance and flat repair…even a ride home within 20 miles of the incident. During which you can contemplate why you haven’t learned how to change a flat.

As part of the membership, you’ll also get a limited edition USA Cycling T-shirt, phone pouch, discounts from Bike Flights, Training Peaks and Volkswagen, and a year’s subscription to Bicycling Magazine so you can learn how to change a flat. And get six pack abs. And learn six foods you definitely shouldn’t eat as a cyclist.

Upgrade your RIDE membership to RIDE Plus for $150 and you’ll get an USAC Assos jersey and 10% off anything in the USA Cycling web store.

Strava Premium adds smartphone and smart watch insurance protection for members

Meanwhile, Strava Premium members will now enjoy up to $600 of replacement insurance for smartphones, watches and other GPS devices should you wreck and damage them. The insurance will also cover taxi reimbursement for mechanical breakdowns, running race entry reimbursement (in case you get injured) and further discounts on bike, travel, life and health insurance. Other new perks for Premium include discounts from Wiggle, Science in Sport, and New Balance. Check out all the perks on their new Premium landing page here.


  1. Does the Strava insurance cover dropping your phone during a ride while checking your segments? Asking for a friend….

  2. the strava offering is a joke. first it has so many exceptions that very few if any will ever use it. second, so many of us have made so many suggestions that would be easy to implement that strava has ignored.

    i am surprised with how much i love the strava community of triathletes and athletes i follow and who follow me and how much i dislike (to put it mildly) strava the company.

  3. Now I don’t want to be that guy but… Shouldn’t the USA Cycling kit be made by a company based in the USA? Correct me if I’m wrong but Assos is Swiss.

    • “Shouldn’t”…. according to what laws or regulations?

      AFAIK Usa Cycling has Assos as their kit sponsor, so it would only be logical that they supply the kit right? Apparently no US kit manufacturer was interested enough to make American Cycling Great Again to pony up more sponsoring money than the Swiss.

    • No, absolutely not. It’s USA *cycling.* Not USA *manufacturing* or *sewing.* This whole “Buy American” canard is ridiculous and the reason we can’t have nice things, like trains, for example (USA manufactured trains being much, much more expensive than trains made elsewhere.)

  4. It’s a good idea to read DCRainmaker’s story on this at points out the significant requirements and exceptions to this coverage.

    • Thanks for the heads up about all the caveats and requirements for the phone coverage. It does sound much less attractive now after reading that.

      It’s under DCRainmaker’s “Blog” section if anyone has trouble finding it.

  5. wish I had done this last year after this had just become available…smashed my new apple watch. Didn’t break any bones in the crash and was left with some nice road rash, but many losing that watch HURT!

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