Wahoo Element Mini cycling computer

Earlier this year it was the aerodynamic Wahoo BOLT providing a slightly smaller but still full featured GPS cycling computer. Now, the new Wahoo ELEMNT Mini gives you an even a smaller monitor that relies on external sensors to feed it data.

Similar in concept to their original RFLKT, the Mini is mostly a slave monitor that pulls speed, cadence, heart rate and power from the sensors on you and your bike. For GPS, it pairs with your phone to use its GPS capabilities. Once paired, it also lets you easily set up the screens to your liking, just like their other models, and provides call and text alerts.

The ELEMNT Mini comes with their Bluetooth speed sensor so you can record speed right out of the box without needing to keep your phone connected during the ride. Add their (or any other) Bluetooth or ANT+ cadence, heart rate and/or power meter and it’ll show that data, too. Pairing with your phone provides the GPS and lets you send a link to your friends and loved ones and let them see a Live Track of your ride. Here’s how the models compare:

Comparison chart of all three Wahoo element cycling computers

Phone pairing also allows instant uploads to Strava, MapMyRide, etc. Besides size, one notable difference is the use of a coin cell battery rather than the built-in rechargeable batteries on the others. Retail is $99.99, available now.



  1. Article says power, chart does not. Also the chart seems to clearly say it’s only compatible with Wahoo branded sensors.
    What’s the skinny?

  2. Article is littered with landmines, guys. The ELEMNT MINI only works with Wahoo branded sensors that are dual-band, so the BlueSC and the old BlueHR need not apply, because they are BTLE-only. The way the unit works is the ELEMNT MINI picks up the ANT+ feed while the phone picks up the BTLE feed from the sensors. The phone provides the GPS data to record route ridden, but the unit does not have a single navigation feature. Things the ELEMNT MINI can do that the old RFLKT can’t do include Wahoo’s suped-up live-tracking feature, and on-screen notifications of texts and calls. While it’s true that you can use the unit without a phone to record a ride, when it is uploaded, such as to Strava, it will only report average speed, distance traveled and average heartrate and/or cadence if compatible dual-band Wahoo sensor(s) were used. In order to get detailed data/analysis, you need to carry your phone and pair the app to the ELEMNT MINI in order to get fully detailed recording and data for analysis (not to mention GPS route).


  3. $99 is a lot to pay, when you compare it to the low end garmins.

    Especially when you consider having your phone do the GPS is generally a worse choice, due to the battery drain to your phone & less accurate GPS receiver than in a dedicated device.

  4. Wahoo seems to have missed the mark on this. I bought the Lezyne Mini for $99 because I don’t use a smart phone. Crazy I know. It’s a stand alone GPS that I can use to strava my rides. It works with my BT polar HR that I had. good battery life and hi-res screen. It does do some navigation with routes but I have only used that once. This tech is getting better real fast.

    • I concur. I have the Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS, and this Wahoo seems like a rip-off compared to the Lezyne Mini and Macro devices for the same price, on just features and capabilities alone. Even the Rflkt was a rip-off, as the Strava phone app has the same features for the price of free or Strava premium. The Bolt and the Elemnt seem like solid offering if one has the disposable income for a Garmin alternative, but it seems brands like Garmin and Wahoo just can’t get things right for people on a budget. It may look nicer than the Lezyne offerings, but looks really don’t matter when the Lezyne GPS lines have three times the features as Wahoo’s budget lines.

  5. too many features missing just to segment the oferring. a 100usd display that uses the phone and does everything would be nice. but it doesnt do nearly enough. no nav, dodgy sensor support, etc.. and if its like the rflkt the sdk and app are pretty bad, slow to start, need to click everywhere on this and phone to start things up…. (i own that thing)

    id pass and buy a garmin mini (or their element gps if money no object)

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