If you’re gonna build a cargo bike, especially a high end one, you might as well do it right. That seems to be the motive behind Juggernaut, which is working on a new transportation option with multiple stowage options up front and an air shock equipped, double wishbone front suspension with Ackerman steering. Oh, and one of the craziest crowdfunding ideas we’ve seen…

Juggernaut Cargo Bikes launch on kickstarter

Their detailed drawings reveal most of the key features. Besides a seemingly very well thought out design, several ideas make this project extremely interesting. First, it’s being made in Denver, CO, with fabrication help from Colin Schaafsma of Matter Cycles.

Juggernaut Cargo Bikes launch on kickstarter

Second, it’s using a car-like double wishbone suspension up front with air shocks that let you adjust the bounce to the load’s weight. You’ll even have control over the compression and rebound damping! It’s designed with Ackerman Steering Geometry, which ensures it’ll track well even through the turns, without any wheel skip or over/under steer.

Juggernaut Cargo Bikes launch on kickstarter

Juggernaut Cargo Bikes launch on kickstarter

They’re working on two front ends – the flatbed “truck” design shown up top, and this boxed in version that can be made with seats or other details to suit your needs.

Juggernaut Cargo Bikes launch on kickstarter

The project is on Kickstarter with the usual low-level goodies, including some very nice packs from Topo Designs, another Colorado company. Those cap out at $500, at which point it jumps to a just one single $10,000 pledge option…which does not actually get you a bike. It gives you a $3,800 discount on a finished bike when they’re done and you’re ready to purchase, and the bikes should be around $5,500 to $6,500 at retail. Final price is TBD based on actual production costs. So, what does $10,000 get you besides a coupon? We asked, and here’s the response:

“We based our rewards prices on a 2 times increase on the price of the product. We figured that the real reason to launch Kickstarter was to raise funds, and that people that are willing to give at that amount are supporting us because they want to invest in our idea, company or product.”

Interested? Check out the campaign here. I hope they succeed, just really curious about how folks will react to that pledge strategy. Only five $10K rewards are available, which would cover 2/3 of their $75,000 goal.


  1. augsburg on

    Love the concept. Can see it needs refinement to get the weight down. Not everyone will be able to afford electric assist. Too wide to fit through a standard front door, so it must be left outside or stored in a garage. IGH work great, but the big limitation for internal gear hubs is the ability to provide low gearing. (IGH’s are limited by the manufacturer on the ratio of chainring to cog size.) They are fine if you will only face flat terrain, but any hills (like Seattle or many locations in California) means you will run out of low gears.


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