Moots Highline premium titanium city commuter bike front

Moots has a new ultra premium city commuter in their new titanium Highline. We actually got a sneak peek at the bike back at NAHBS when it was just a concept bike for Shimano’s Metrea urban component groupset. But now the Highline is ready for your commute, as long as your wallet is ready for it.

But on the bright side, if you are in New York City you can try it before you buy it. Partnering with Shimano’s new pop up concept store focusing on urban cycling, the Moots Highline is available to test. So make your reservation ahead of time, then drop on into the Shimano Bike NYC shop to throw a leg over the new titanium flat bar road commuter. And see if you can justify splurging on a new ride for your bike to work…

Moots Highline titanium city bike

Moots Highline premium titanium city commuter bike complete

To be fair the new Moots isn’t actually named for the famous 1.5 mile New York City redeveloped railway to linear park High Line. You can’t even ride there, without dodging city park cops. The bike really takes its name from the 60 mile long High Line Canal trail that winds almost entirely across Denver, CO. That trail is mostly unpaved. And you can totally ride it. But those two urban extremes are what this bike is all about – navigating the urban jungle or sneaking out for some hidden dirt on the way home from the office.

Moots Highline premium titanium city commuter bike fenders

The Moots Highline really takes the commuter bike to a new top-shelf. Built for a fast ride on a mix of terrains, the Highline starts with a light ti frame with a thru-axle rear end, flat mount disc brakes and a straight 44mm headtube for a tapered fork. It gets that with the latest full carbon, 12mm thru-axle cyclocross fork from Moots, which also pairs well with the versatile frame including hidden bosses to mount a set of full coverage fenders.

Moots Highline premium titanium city commuter bike rear Moots Highline premium titanium city commuter bike flat mount disc brakes

Designed for mostly street riding, 35mm wide tires will fit in the Highline. 32mm tires will still fit under fenders, to give a comfortable commute and some encouragement to find a gravel detour on the way home.

Moots Highline premium titanium city commuter bike stripes skyline logo

The Highline gets a unique finish with polished lines & logos over the standard bead blasted that Moots says is a reference to highrise silhouettes, but also matches the Shimano Metrea group graphics. The Highline is available as a complete bike only for $6300 with a Moots ti flatbar & the full Metrea group, including wheels.

It is available in four stock sizes: S-XL. But of course it is a Moots, so full custom geometry is always an option.

Shimano Bike NYC concept store

Shimano Metrea city bike commuter groupset drivetrain

As for testing it in New York, after years of the two brands working together closely a Highline is bike #1 at Shimano’s concept store. If you are in the NYC area, drop in to reserve a ride, and get on one the urban bikes for yourself.



    • I am not sure about. Some of “those” bikes were true works of art and show pieces. Moots is just USA ti and pretty much it. Other builders put just as much love into their frames.

      • Agreed with myke2241, it’s nicely equipped for sure, no expense spared, but I still see little here to justify the price. It’s not especially attractive looking IMHO, so really what you’re paying for the is the words “Moots” on it.

        • I found the Metrea Groupset online for sale for 899 Euros, so about US$1200.That includes the wheels. So essentially you’re paying $5000 on top of that for the frame, cockpit, tires and assembly. For a city bike.

        • Even compared to moots own offerings, this seems kinda pricey. A Routt or Psychlo X seems like a better value, the former is significantly cheaper when you breakdown the component costs. Strange.

    • Many people I know put far more K’s on their commuter bike than any other, I can’t fault them for wanting to make it flash.

    • Looks like a good bike to hang front in center in your tech loft in order to impress other digital folks. Actually using it. Stolen in 3.2.1.

  1. considering all the $50K+ cars.trucks I see in office parking lots around town, $6300 for a commuter doesn’t seem so awful! Not that I would do it, but……..

  2. Moots and Sacha White have spotted a trend. Well-heeled office workers who see bikes – any bikes – as a whole lot cheaper than Audis and BMWs.

  3. I love Moots and ride one myself but can’t help looking at a “city” bike like this and wonder – where are the rack mounts?

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