One of the biggest bummers about leading a car-free lifestyle but living in an apartment is that cargo bikes tend to be off the table. Without a significant floorsplace to store a bike that can functionally replace a station wagon, many urban dwellers are out of luck. But no longer.

In a move that defines a new category, Tern has released their new GSD, a “compact utility” e-bike that gives you all the functionality, loading capability, and power you could want in the small-footprint your heart desires.

Don’t let the “compact” in “compact utility” fool you. When fully unfurled, the GSD is the same wheelbase as your typical cargo e-bike. And it is designed to fit riders from 4’9″ up to 6’4″ with an easy adjustment, so the whole family can pilot comfortably.

The platform holds 395 pounds of cargo including the rider, meaning you can load up the kids, groceries, your dog, and still have capacity left for a reasonable set of kettlebells… or whatever you’re into. Best of all, with its Bosch Performance motor and dual battery power, you’ve got help lugging your load up to 220 miles on a single charge at a top speed of 20mph (in the US).

But the thing that makes this cargo bike so compelling is its ability to collapse into small spaces. According to Tern, within a matter of seconds the whole bike can be folded (via dropping the handlebars, flipping the front wheel, and collapsing the cargo bags) into a 1/3 of its riding volume, making it ideal for transporting by SUV or truck, taking on elevators, or for storing in compact housing or small apartments. For many, this model is a potential lifestyle game-changer.

The model comes standard with “virtually flat-proof” Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires to keep you riding on the gnarliest, broken-glassiest urban terrain and Magura 4-piston disc brakes for secure stops when fully loaded.

Plus, because safety’s first for Tern, you’ll be hard to miss in poor visibility conditions with the GSD’s reflective decals and LED lights. Last but not least, The GSD features a super stable, German made Herbie kickstand to make loading and unloading your cargo sweat-free.

The Tern GSD can be yours for $3,995 MSRP.

Tern Bicycles




  1. Enter-net on

    Yup. Helmets.

    Nothing like aspiring to families with a kid riding around helmet-less.

    Time to Tern over your market manger.

    • dontcoast on

      The helmet police can pi** right off.

      I want to see more people on bikes, and the adults can make their own decisions. Some people will like the helmetless ads, other will not.

      I like helmets, they saved my life a few times. I also like to get rowdy on a bike. I also recommend them to everyone. And my kids don’t get on a bike without one.

      And I still can’t stand the helmet police. Leave risk management to individuals.

    • ebbe on

      1) The footage was clearly shot in Amsterdam (I even recognised the specific bridge from the photo). Hardly anybody wears a helmet for utility cycling there, because you don’t need to. Nor for commuting or leisure cycling. Only for ‘sports cycling’, it’s a different story, but that’s certainly not what this bike is about. I’m constantly amazed how nobody outside the Netherlands understands risk is a result of many factors (speed, infrastructure, experience, etc etc), not just one (bike)
      2) If you look at the video, they also have adults and kids wearing helmets in it. Signalling it’s a personal choice, which is perfectly in line with laws and common practice in the Netherlands

      • James Fryer on

        I was going to come in on the side of people criticizing the kid for not having a helmet until I read your comment. Two bang on points that flipped my perspective.

        Uh, imagine that, thoughtful points where more useful and persuasive than screaming.

  2. TJ on

    what the f_ck is wrong with you people. The folks dissing e-bikes are a true obstacle for urban mobility development. Tesla is not the answer, it’s going to have just as much congestion as any other car on the road. Your road bike is not the answer for everyday travel needs either..

    • dontcoast on

      So you parent police people all the time, huh? Do you highlight the danger of kids getting in an SUV? Of riding a mountainbike? Of learning how to use a knife?

      Are you even a parent?

      Do you wear full body armor to go to the grocery store?

      For the record, my kids wear helmets all the time. They also hit jumps on a mountainbike without kneepads…*gasp!!* …I just can’t stand your judgmental snark.

    • dontcoast on

      Yep, I did. They’ve been doing kitchen prep with adult supervision since a very early age.

      I also see adults supervising their kids here.

      If you’re ever a parent, I’m sure your kids will have life/knife skills by 18…not ;P

    • dontcoast on

      except if your read my posts, you’d know I actually love helmets, just not people who tell others how to live their life 🙂 have a nice day tripping about others’ decisions … and happy riding.


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