With virtual worlds like Zwift making indoor training more and more immersive, it seems only fitting we can now control the angle of our bike to simulate climbing and descending. The new Wahoo Kickr Climb sets your fork on an electronic lift that syncs with training programs to adjust angle from -10º to +20º. Now, you can work your muscles the same way indoors as you would out, training for conditions you’ll find out on the roads better than ever.

Wahoo Kickr Climb lifts your bike to simulate climbing and descending on indoor trainers

The Climb works with QR, 12×100, 15×100 and 15×110 front axles.

The Kickr Climb pairs with both the Kickr and Kickr Snap smart trainers, then offers two modes. Unlock Mode uses data coming from the trainer to react to videos and other 3rd party inputs (think Zwift, TrainerRoad, Sufferfest, etc.). Locked Mode lets you manually control the angle with the wireless handlebar-mounted remote. When not used, the remote tucks into the top of the Climb unit. Retail is $599 (€499 / £499).

The Kickr gets functional updates to fit more modern bikes. A larger thru-shaft now works with 12×142 and 12×148 thru axles, and there’s more clearance to work better with any type of disc brake road bike (meaning standard or flat mount caliper designs). The lower priced Kickr Snap (not shown) is also updated with new LED lights to indicate input/output, an improved +/-3% accuracy, and compatibility with 3rd party power meters. The latter lets you pair your on-bike power meter to the trainer through their smartphone app, which then lets that other meter control the resistance of the trainer, helping you keep your training consistent.



  1. $600 bucks to do something a few phone books can do!?! Wahoo needs to chill on this triathlete crap and get back to making gear people actually want!

  2. Coming soon: Wahoo Pothle, a vibrating unit that simulates potholes.

    Wahoo Drivr: a robot that flips you off to simulate aggressive drivers.

    Wahoo Rainr: A shower head that rains on you to simulate riding in the rain.

    • According to the write up at DC Rainmaker the Wahoo Climb will only work with the 2017 Kickr. It comes down to clearance issues and not damaging the frame as it moves up and down.

      I just got my the old “new Kickr” a few months ago, so that and the price tag will see me without this for the winter.

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