For the second day of Eurobike teasers I’ve turned over a couple of bikes that caught my eye this day out running along the halls. They are just a taste of what we saw today and what will get more detailed coverage over the next week or two. To be honest it’s hard to walk past a 200mm travel e-bike like Haibike‘s XDURO Dwnhll 10.0. Besides a flashy paint job, the bike’s downtube integrated battery suggests an attempt to blend in, even though you’ll be self shuttling the DH runs hours after the lifts close for the night.

We were introduced to the sporty bikes of Koga by their sand dune racer. Well that bike gets an overhaul for next year, but this bike was a bit of a surprise too. That’s because the Koga Grandtourer starts life as a pretty unoriginal aluminum touring/trekking bike. But Koga is doing some more customization, and this Grandtourer S bike gets a full set of Ortlieb bikepacking bags to head out on an adventure.

The new Brooks Cambium All Weather collection adds a new material to the top of the vulcanized saddle to make it more water and UV resistant. It also gets a new construction that is probably both more durable and less expensive.

Hunt Bike Wheels started with the idea of making silver polished hubs & spokes. That apparently grew quickly into a desire for polished alloy rims to match for the new Sprint Aero Wide. It then became the training & even racing tool for their UK Continental cycling team.

Last year we got a preview look at the light WCS Kite dropper seatpost from Ritchey. Well it took more time to fine tune & test, but Ritchey has the updated Kite dropper ready to roll.

That’s enough teasers for today. Dig into our Eurobike 2017 coverage for a detailed look at all kinds of new gear. And keep coming back as we continue to provide the most in-depth coverage available on the next in new bike tech, and link to more detailed coverage of these small bits.


  1. So you say Brooks adds a new material to the TOP of the saddle, then show us the bottom? Or are you saying there’s a coating over the rubber over the entirety of the saddle?

  2. Zach asked it before I could. What’s the material? Is it more slick than the original sandpaper,er, I mean denim? Or is it a nice grippy silicone that will strip your shorts off on dismounting?

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