The new Argon 18 Krypton is going long as their new endurance road bike. Tire clearance is ample, fit is adjustable, and it builds in features to make any ride more pleasant. Two models are available, the Krypton CS with a standard carbon fiber construction, and the higher end GF with a lighter layup and electronic drivetrain options.

2018 Argon18 Krypton gran fondo endurance road bike

Thus far, Argon 18 has focused on high performance road and triathlon bikes. That’s changed with what they’re calling their “most engineered bike to date.”

Starting at the front, they’ve made their 3D caps shaped to more closely align with the overall shape of the bike. The stock option is a 15mm height, but 0mm and 30mm (shown) will also be offered, letting riders customize the frame to their flexibility and comfort level. Even at the starting height, they get a stack height taller than their race bikes.

2018 Argon18 Krypton gran fondo endurance road bike

Head angle is a little slacker, combined with a lower BB height to improve stability at speed, which reduces fatigue on long straights and keeps handling safe and predictable on the descents. That lower BB also let them slope the top tube more without creating weird aesthetics, so standover is improved, particularly for smaller riders. The fork legs kick forward to create a flex point (see below for video).

2018 Argon18 Krypton gran fondo endurance road bike

Combine those features with slightly longer chainstays and you get a bike with a longer wheelbase for all-day comfort. Both the head tube and bottom bracket areas borrow from their Gallium Pro race bike’s design to maximize stiffness for solid power transfer and handling.

2018 Argon18 Krypton gran fondo endurance road bike

Inside the fork legs are hidden fender mounts with a matching set on the back. Those, and the bento box mounts on the top tube, get rubber plugs for a smooth look when not in use. That other plug showing on the back of the driveside chainstay is the exit port for Di2/EPS groups.

2018 Argon18 Krypton gran fondo endurance road bike

Despite those massive gaps, tire clearance is pegged at 32mm, meaning this really is aimed at the gran fondo rider rather than gravel.

Seatstays are dropped to improve compliance and smooth the bumps better than if the tubes were directing those forces directly into the seatpost. The entire frame, fork and complete build with different wheels were analyzed for vibrations. They tested various layups and combinations before finalizing a design the minimized lateral flex but maximized comfort.

This video shows how the top- and seat tubes are designed to flex such that the saddle moves with bumps in the road to help isolate the rider. Also notice the fork’s fore/aft flex.

Aerodynamics are also part of the story. The fork legs are a truncated foil shape, which lead into a downtube that’s designed to optimize air flow with a water bottle mounted on it. Then, the seatstays are shaped asymmetrically to create a low pressure system that diffuses the turbulent air created by a moving wheel.

Shown above, the Krypton CS comes in red with Vision 30 wheels and either Ultegra ($3,400) or 105 ($2,750).

2018 Argon18 Krypton gran fondo endurance road bike

The higher end Krypton GF comes with DT Swiss C1800 wheels and Ultegra Di2 ($5,500) or mechanical Ultegra ($4,000). Or get the frameset for $2,500.

2018 Argon18 Krypton gran fondo endurance road bike

The GF frame is a couple hundred grams lighter than the CS thanks to a revised layup. It also shows off their modular cable entry point. The main cover is available as normal or with an integrated Di2 junction control box mount, letting you see battery status and access the setup button. The plug where cables enter has four options, too – wired, wireless, 1x and 2x. No matter what your setup, it’ll look clean.

Other features include an optional direct mount rear derailleur hanger, integrated chain catcher with two lengths to fit any chainring combo, flat mount disc brakes, and DT Swiss 12mm thru axles.

The bikes will be available by the end of the year in some markets, early 2018 for all.



2018 Argon 18 Gallium Pro road race bike under 800g

For the pure road racer, their Tour de France stage-winning Gallium Pro gets major updates, making it the lightest frame they’ve ever made. Coming in at a claimed 794g for size medium, painted with hardware. To accomplish this, they reshaped the tubes and refined the layups. They also upgraded the front derailleur mount and attached it with four rivets to ensure crisp, strong shifting. Tire clearance is bumped to 28mm, keeping with trends. The same Team Edition that’s being race by Astana is available to consumers.


  1. “Even at the starting height, they get a stack height [insert description here] than their race bikes.”

    I am guessing “higher”?

  2. “…without creating weird aesthetics…”

    Yeah, no weird aesthetics here…
    I know beauty is in the eye, but there tends to be general rules behind what tends to look good. The Krypton is about the ugliest, most disproportionate bike I’ve ever seen. I hope its better in person.

  3. “The fork legs kick forward to increase trail.” Actually, that will *decrease* trail. Thus, the bike should be less stable rather than more stable.

  4. Goddamnit Vision, you had one job…put your hub logos the same direction as everyone else…but you had to follow DT Swiss’ lead didn’t you.

  5. The aesthetics aren’t bad, to me at least. And the price is reasonable. Will they provide all three headset caps with the bikes? I’m surprised Tyler made such a bone-head mistake with the trail comment. If he was just repeating ad copy from Argon without a little critical thinking, that’s even worse.

  6. Great review…. thank you for riding the bike, thinking, riding it some more and then writing about it. Very nicely done. You addressed the situation like a person who is thinking of the questions I ask (thanks).

    I’m contemplating replacing my race bike with an endurance bike (I’m aging and breaking, … my race bike is doing neither… who suggested titanium..!??, … bikes should be consumable because I’ve run out of garage space. Hmmm)

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