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The new Donnelly CDG is named after the famed Paris airport, Charles De Gaulle, and is designed for the cobbled roads used for spring classics like the Paris-Roubaix. Target release is mid-November for the 700×30, with 28mm and 32mm widths to follow.

But first, about that name change. Donnelly Sports had been licensing the Clement Tire name from Pirelli since relaunching the brand in 2010. Now, with Pirelli entering the bicycle tire market, founder Donn Kellogg said they’d be a competitor, and it didn’t make sense to continue licensing it.

Donnelly CDG aggressive road tubeless tire designed for cobbled classics road bike races

“The tread patterns, the tire model names, and the wheels were all designed here in Colorado beginning in 2010,” said Kellogg. “People ask for our tires by model name such as PDX, MSO, and USH which will all be rolled under the Donnelly brand name.”

And now the CDG.

Donnelly CDG aggressive road tubeless tire designed for cobbled classics road bike races

The Strada CDG will come in a standard 120tpi casing and a tubeless ready version (TPI info requested, will update as we get it), both with a single compound 70a rubber, same as on what’s most of their road and some cyclocross tires. The center section is tightly packed with mini nubs, transitioning to more and more aggressive, larger nubs rolling far out to the sides.

Retail will be $70 for both the standard model and the tubeless-ready one, and we’re waiting on weights, update as we get it. There’ll also be a tubular for $129.

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    • SYJ on

      No, the airport is named for the President/freedom fighter. The tire is named for the airport…all their tires are named for airports.

      • JimmySan on

        As SYJ stated, all their tires are airport codes. Given my experience with CDG airport, I don’t think I could ever buy / ride these tires! Just a really bad correlation / omen.

  1. cracked frame on

    I hope the tire quality improves. There have been many times when I have my personal and customers’ tires that were not right from the factory.

  2. typevertigo on

    For their sake, I hope they keep on improving, especially their road tires. Wasn’t impressed with how my 32 mm skinwall Strada LGGs gripped – they were very finicky with pressures. At 40-50 psi they ride nice and have passable grip, but still skid easily on wet asphalt under braking. At 60 psi, they are diabolical in how quickly they slip sideways. And I thought the herringbone tread would help.

    I’ve since switched back to 28 mm Continental slicks…even on their cheaper tires with the Pure Grip compound, Contis just keep holding on and stay consistent.


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