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Fit Kit Systems is known for their wooden sizing guides that help measure a rider’s key hinge points and lengths (knee, hip, inseam, etc.) and provide a dealer or fitter with the right numbers to get them on the right sized bike. Now, they’ve introduced the Fit Stick, a more modern device for taking those measurements and applying them to the bike. Or, helping you get exact measurements on your current bike so you can replicate it on a new one.

Clever touches include a dual end point for finding the center of the BB spindle that flips up so you can also measure from the pedal spindle if you prefer that number. It has levels built in, along with a digital inclinometer to measure the angle. This lets you see the actual angles on your bike (assuming the ground is level, of course), as well as set up your saddle position to mimic a different angle. Shown in the top photo, there’s a drop down rod to measure drop and reach.


Nearby, the BikeFit crew had their quick saddle change device on hand, which lets you swap saddles using a quick release clamp so customers can try different saddles in seconds. As we were checking that out, they pointed our camera to the front of the bike for their latest device, the stem finder.

Using a dial with gauge to find the angle, you can quickly twist your way between a +/-30º rise. Then use a notched slide to set the stem length between all commonly offered sizes, from 60mm to 140mm. Look for this later in the year, price TBD.


Slime recently reformulated their tubeless sealant to work better in a range of temperatures, and they claim it keeps working for up to two years without drying out. I’s available in small to shop sized containers, including a 55 gallon drum.

They showed off the product’s sticking power with this clever beach ball comparison showing two other brands. This photo was taken within 120 seconds of having all three shaken up, and only the Slime was still providing full coverage.

They’ve also revamped their retail packaging and accessory offerings, putting valve stems, cores and other bits in kits of two.


Enduro Bearings has a new metal retention spring in the split collet in their bearing puller, replacing the more fragile rubber o-ring.

Not new, they showed off how they machine their BB cups in a single process rather than doing the inside and outside separately, which can result in off centering of inner and outer sections. Even slight variations can create drag and bearing wear, so keeping them locked in position for the entire machining operation keeps everything aligned.

The new Pedal Dummy is a simple $25 device for spinning the cranks when the bike’s the workstand without pedals. It’s for the drive side only, and the threads are intentionally undersized just slightly so it’s easy to thread in and out. The handle rolls on oversized, greaseless bearings, keeping it moving freely without getting your hands dirty.

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  1. Is there a more ride-able temporary bike fitting stem option out there? I’d love the ability to dial in a fit over multiple rides without buying multiple stems to try.

  2. The best pedal dummy is an old spindle from a broken pedal. There’s no need for a bearing on there. Just hit it with some rubbing compound and it will spin in your hand perfectly fine.

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