Niner’s RLT9 gravel bike lineup has new spec and build options across the entire lineup, from a new price-point Shimano Tiagra build up to their latest Ultegra R8000 group. In between them is a full SRAM Rival build, and all three come with Centerlock rotors and hydraulic disc brakes. Updated kits will be available on the carbon RLT9 RDO, the alloy RLT9 and the recently updated RLT9 Steel.

While 1x is still gaining popularity for gravel, Niner’s giving you wider range with finer increments between them with new 50/34 gearing, up from the 46/36 used before. Tires will be Schwalbe G-One 700×38 tires, and Niner says once installed, they’ll measure 40mm.

2018 Niner RLT9 Alloy gravel road bike gets updated build spec with SRAM Rival hydraulic disc brakes
2018 Niner RLT9 Alloy, with RLT9 RDO carbon bike shown at top of post.

Other tweaks include a new embossed saddle with Niner’s serape design and matching bar tape with durable alloy expanding bar end plugs that keep your bar tape where it should be. And it’ll be wrapped around Easton EA50 AX bars all levels.

2018 Niner RLT9 Steel gravel road bike gets updated build spec with new Shimano Tiagra hydraulic disc brakes
2018 Niner RLT9 Steel.

For bikes built with their Niner wheels (alloy and carbon), they’ll now come pre-taped and valved to be tubeless ready (though alloy rims will come with standard non-tubeless ready tires and tubes, but the wheels will be ready for upgrading).



  1. Just got the RLT9 Steel a couple of months ago. Real happy with it. Glad to see the updates are trivial. Although, I was surprised to get cheap non expanding bar plugs for the build.
    I replaced them w/ corks from whiskey bottles anyway..

  2. Great spec and awesome attention to detail. Usable realistic gearing! “Tires measure 40C mounted up and inflated” !!! Definitely raising the bar for other manufacturers.

    • Sounds like they moved to the gearing everyone else was using (road compact – 50x34T). They seem like pretty great bikes. I hope they’re selling well.

    • What’s wrong with this one? This bike has plenty of appropriate features, from tire clearance to full drivetrain versatility to utilitarian features like rack and fender mounts (front and rear unlike some!). Plus, generally modest paint jobs keep it decent looking.

      They didn’t include standard dropper accomodations, but that can go either way.

      • Mmm hmm, you’re right. Go ahead and buy this bike, you probably can’t ride on gravel with the bike you own now, I’m sure you’re knee deep in gravel, lol

        • Dockboy-Tim’s just a forum junkie who likes to try to fit in by posting snide comments about gravel bikes & what matches his enduro shoes. He doesn’t even know what he’s looking at, because spec/geo wise there is no other road/gravel/adventure bike that has had as much thought put into it.

          Their carbon bike kinda kicks the ass of even the new Ibis and makes you wonder why you’d spend the extra $1000 to get a 3T Exploro. Niner’s done their homework on this puppy.

          • Agreed. However I’ve seen some RLT 9 RDO paint related issues being reported by several customers which put me off personally (Niner isn’t a local company for me and going through any warranty claims would be pretty painful). Has the paint quality been recently improved?

          • Good points all, Mr Pink. He seems to forget that some people don’t have gravel bikes yet, or theirs was just run over by an Endurbro in his SUV.

            And Tim, I’ll have you know that a great majority of the roads in my area are gravel. I live in southern Vermont*, just 25 miles north of the D2R2’s starting location. When I moved here, I had a traditional road bike – 23mm tires, aero rims, caliper brakes – and I rode it everywhere. I went trail riding with the thing. I cracked rims and pinched flats, I barely spent any time on pavement. When I had the chance, I got a cross frame and moved the parts over. Now I run bigger tires – 40mm or so – and ride all the dirt I can.

            *Living in Vermont means I have about 8000 miles of dirt roads in the state, while only having 6000 paved miles. So while I’m not literally knee-deep in gravel, I don’t want for it.

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