The all-new Pirelli PZero road bike tires launched this past summer with some innovative tech & reasonable pricing. And now Pirelli are already building out a multi-channel retail strategy. Sold initially through bike shops and independent retailers, they’ve now opened up their own online store to increase consumer availability. At launch, the program is limited to select European markets (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Benelux & the U.K.). In addition to the tires, the’ll use their e-commerce platform to offer limited edition capsule collections, including an upcoming Pirelli Design x Castelli cycling apparel collaboration. We’ve reached out to check in on more details about direct & shop availability of the promising new tires outside of these select markets, and will update when we know more.


  1. That’s great. I’m tired of bike shops who don’t adjust their model to take into consideration new fangled internet shopping.

    If I look something up from the comfort of my own toilet I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty because I bought it for the best price I could find rather than ordering through a bike shop that did literally nothing to sell it to me.

      • If it were up to my LBS I’d be buying Specialized bags instead of the Swift Industries or Revelate Designs bags they copied. I’ll do my product research based off of real life hive mind reviews purchased straight from the manufacturer rather than your guilt based economy, thankyouverymuch.

  2. Volsung, I was initially bittered by your comment….. After thinking about it awhile I think you are a truth-speaker. Thanks for your comment.
    As an exbikeshop owner I find myself often holding my breath wondering how long bikeshops can hold out.
    Pirelli: I can’t envision a single tire of yours I’ve ever seen? Are you sure you don’t need the bicycle shops to tell their customers your tires are cool and worth investing in?

  3. Find a decent bike shop Volsung. They will look after you price wise and you will help a independent business survive before wiggle and amazon etc take over the world.

    • Amazon is actually made up of a whole bunch of independent mini shops and the lowest priced one generally gets the first business, however when I shop there I get it at a lower price, 0.5% goes to the charity of my choice, and they pay their warehouse employees 5 dollars an hour more than my LBS pays their employees.

  4. With the evident explosion of bike riders, and buyers, i believe there is room for all. As an online store in the USA, I am excited by how many online shoppers there are.

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