Debuting at the Santos Tour Down Under atop Chris Froome and the rest of Team Sky, the all-new Kask Utopia aero road bike helmet is their sleekest yet. Using “NACA” vent shaping to flow air through the shell, it not just slips through the wind better than any road helmet they’ve made before, it also cools better.

2018 Kask Utopia aero road bike helmet for Team Sky at Tour Down Under

One of the challenges with any helmet, and aero helmets in particular, is that boundary layers of air can sometimes actually prevent air from entering the vents on the helmet. That’s great for helping it slip through the wind, but bad for cooling. The new Kask Utopia solves that problem by positioning massive intakes on the very front and sides of the helmet.

2018 Kask Utopia aero road bike helmet for Team Sky at Tour Down Under

According to the PR, “to develop the Utopia, KASK tested 10 of the best road aero helmets on the market in the wind tunnel, and created a 3D scan for a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. The helmets were tested at various speeds and yaw angles to reflect cross winds. At the end of the test, the drag data of Utopia versus the best competitor helmet resulted in a saving of up to 6 watts when riding at 50kph (31mph).”

The vents and overall shaping are also designed to minimize wind noise, helping you hear traffic or teammates.

2018 Kask Utopia aero road bike helmet for Team Sky at Tour Down Under

Inside is 5mm thick padding made with Resistex(tm) yarn, which is anti-static, anti-bacterial, and ultra-evaporative. That latter features means it helps move sweat off your head and outward toward the shell so it remains dryer longer.

2018 Kask Utopia aero road bike helmet for Team Sky at Tour Down Under

Lastly, it’s light, with a 235g claimed weight for size medium. Retail price is TBD, available later this year.


  1. After seeing the photos online and for real at the TDU crits on Sunday, I still find it a little weird to my liking. Looks like a mashup between the Protone’s large vents and the shape of Specialized Evade. IMO, the Protone is still the best looking helmet around.

  2. So is this supposed to end up replacing the Protone or bridge the gap between it and the Bambino? The thing I really like about the Protone, that I didn’t like about the Mojito I had before it, is that two of the vents are well positioned for holding sunglasses. This helmet doesn’t look like it will be able to tick that box.

  3. Looks great! I’ve always envied Team Sky for having Kask helmets without the stupid leather strap. To me, the leather straps is too stiff and the least comfortable part of a Kask helmet.

  4. I like the Sky color combination of white/cyan but not the design of the Utopia helmet.
    Kask helmets are good though. I’ve used Kask Mojito (Team Sky) and it was the most comfortable helmet I had (also thanks to the dial fit with a hinge). It also saved me from a serious injury during my crash at 50 kph.
    I am curious about new Kask helmets for 2021, eventually 2022, and further.

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