Industry Nine has been rolling their own alloy rim designs for years, but when it came to carbon, they were sharing designs and molds with others. Now, that’s all changed with the introduction of new i9 Carbon Disc Brake road wheels. Available in three depths, the aero profiles are designed to be fast, stable and comfortable while rolling smooth on their road Torch hubs.

Industry nine i9 carbon aero road bike wheels for disc brakes only

Designed primarily for road, the emphasis is on speed and comfort by using an aerodynamic profile with a wide shape made for today’s wider tires. The rims’ rounded shapes also add vertical compliance, which when paired with their low 24 spoke count, all adds up to a comfortable wheelset that should also be very quick.

Industry nine i9 carbon aero road bike wheels for disc brakes only

Industry Nine says the wheels offer a best in class “aero to weight” ratio, and they do come in rather light. Which means they’ll spool up quickly, but once up to speed, it’s the aerodynamics that take over to provide continued speed…and stability. The profile was wind tunnel tested against the Zipp 303 and 404 wheelsets and compared quite similarly for both axial drag and side forces.

Industry nine i9 carbon aero road bike wheel profiles

By smoothing the airflow off the trailing edge, i9 has reduced stalling and turbulence, all of which can cause loss of control (admittedly in extreme situations, more likely just making things feel wobbly in gusts) and increased drag. So, like most other modern aero wheels, their new designs keep them rolling smooth, fast and in control.

i9 says these are capable of pulling gravel bike duty, too, but the emphasis on aerodynamics means they’re happy to let their existing AR25 and PillarCarbon ULCX wheels handle the off-road road riding and keep these on the pavement.

i9 Carbon Road Wheel Specs

Industry nine i9 carbon aero road bike wheels for disc brakes only

Industry nine i9 carbon aero road bike wheel profiles

The three rims come in numeral naming describing the depths. Internal widths are 21mm on all three, but the external widths vary on the sides based on depth to provide an overall consistent shape once the tire is installed. This helps create an equally smooth exit flow on the back half of the wheel when it’s on the bike.

All of them are tubeless ready and will ship with tubeless rim tape and valve stems installed, just like all their wheels.

Industry nine i9 35 carbon aero road bike wheels

The shallowest of the three is the i9 35. Specs are:

  • Wheelset weight: 1,355g
  • Rim weight: 380g
  • 240lb/100kg suggested rider weight limit
  • $2,300 MSRP
  • Available now

Industry nine i9 45 carbon aero road bike wheels

The middle depth is the i9 45. Specs are:

  • Wheelset weight: 1495g
  • Rim weight: 440g
  • 250lb/114kg suggested rider weight limit
  • $2,350 MSRP
  • Available now

Industry nine i9 65 deep carbon aero road bike wheels

The deepest is the i9 65. Specs are:

  • Wheelset weight: 1555g
  • Rim weight: 485g
  • 250lb/114kg suggested rider weight limit
  • $2,400 MSRP
  • Available February 2018

Industry nine i9 carbon aero road bike wheels for disc brakes only

Recommended tire sizes range from 23mm up to 40mm, with max tire pressures dependent on width:

  • 23mm – 105psi
  • 25mm-95psi
  • 28mm-85psi
  • 32mm-70psi
  • 35-40mm-50psi

Industry nine i9 carbon aero road bike wheels for disc brakes only

Like their other wheels, you’ll have the choice of any of their hub colors. They’ve also partnered with STKRD to create custom decals, letting you mix and match colors across the wheelset. And because they’re all built to order, you can even mix wheel depths front to rear.


    • Yep. Slightly modified design from any Chiwanese carbon rim catalog is definitely not worth that much. This U-shape design started off as Firecrest knockoffs in China a few years ago, no wonder they test pretty much the same. Duh! Now everybody and their mother is dropping $6-7 per mold spreading the internal width a bit and calling the their own… They overshot pricing by a solid grand.

  1. Hi guys, please remember that the other 7 billion people outside the USA understand pavement as the section next to the road where the pedestrians walk.

    • ^ True in the UK, but definitely not the case here in Australia. Here “footpath” = “sidewalk” (US) or “pavement” (UK). Pavement here refers to a sealed road, i.e., bitumen or concrete not dirt.

      • Its the same here in Canada…. Pavement is basically any sealed road. I would argue that it’s mostly just in the UK where Pavement refers to what we call the sidewalk in the rest of the world.

            • @john7884 – Funny that you’re being elitist about other countries using your language yet, your grasp of grammar, spelling and punctuation leave much to be desired.

            • I would imagine that most of the 7 billion people in the world use a words from a language other than English to describe their sidewalks and road surfaces.

              From my experience, only the Brits call sidewalks “pavement”, to everyone else, it’s the name of a surface treatment, not a specific utility.

  2. PEte, could always bedazzle your wheels, maybe you like some rhinestones. Your paying for quality, not sparkle. Enjoy your Enve/Mavic’s! Enve are also fantastic, not sure where you distinguish one being more full than the other. Their aesthetics are quite similar.

    • What I meant to say was this:

      If there’re two goods A, B and they are at similar price range.
      A seem to be more attractive (or more useful) to a buyer.
      Then, which product should he purchase?

      Csabiker, it is microeconomics 101.

      Me, A consumer think Enve 5.6 / 7.8 disc wheel set is far better than i9’s because

      1. its aerodynamic properties are proven. There are tons of wind tunnel data out there.
      2. less price drop in the future (less depreciation)
      3. looks sleeker than i9.
      (Bob, I do agree with you “Anything I9 screams “Notice ME!!!!” i bright colored and loud.”)

      + “Bedazzling” also is an important factor in the cycling goods market. Because it is some kinda extravagant goods. Nobody wants Honda-Accord-ish-Lambo.

  3. [you’re] paying for a name and a fancy colored hub not quality. there are lots of options with equal or better quality at far better prices. anything I9 screams “Notice ME!!!!” i’m bright colored and loud. I9 owners can barely get their name out before they feel compelled to tell you they have I9’s. Almost as bad as talking to a vegan.

  4. I have been riding I9’s for almost ten years now and I still find the freewheel draggy. In fact after being on I9’s I really miss my Shimano Cup and Cone bearings. 🙁

    • The only thing they share is the facility where the rims are made. Different rims, different hubs, different spokes… I think your comparison is a bit far-fetched and disingenuous.

  5. I9 was outsourcing their carbon rim production to Reynolds. Unless something has changed a carbon I9 wheel set consists of hub and spokes made in Asheville, NC and carbon rim made by Reynolds in Taiwan

  6. Most people which have English as their 2nd language speak American English, so would probably understand pavement to be road. It’s just us Brits which will continue to be confused.

  7. Jeez..lots of time for hatin’ here….I love my I9 wheels and their rear hubs kill it…and I don’t talk about them, other’s do…so there… go ride the s**t and love it because you paid for it;-) Of course your purchase is better!

  8. the pricing on these is all – like others stated about 1k too much. Really not doing themselves any favors. As much as I like to support a US based co.

  9. I think saying these are 1k overpriced is off base. Do I wish they were cheaper, of course. I was hoping they would come in about 400-500 dollars cheaper, but they aren’t out of line with a lot of wheels I’ve been looking at. Would I rather have Enve’s, sure, but they are 700 dollars more. As far as the “bling” complaints, you can get plain black hubs. One thing I like to see is the lifetime warranty, although I haven’t researched exactly what that entails, it’s nice to see something more than 2 years. Too much hating as usual.

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