Riding a trainer can often result in real world gains. Most often, that’s simply a result of gaining fitness as you sit inside waiting for the ice to melt outside. But sometimes, it can even result in material gain – like a new trainer and accessories. Climb 5,000 meters on Rouvy, enter to win a Wahoo KICKR +CLIMB

Rouvy is essentially the newest form of interactive indoor training from VirtualTraining, and the company is looking to get the word out. That means convincing people to try it out for themselves, which means riding. At the end of last year, the company partnered up with Kinetic to give away a smart trainer. Now they’re at it again, but with Wahoo Fitness.

Climb 5,000 meters on Rouvy, enter to win a Wahoo KICKR +CLIMB

To enter, you’ll need a Rouvy subscription – or you’ll need to take advantage of their free two week trial. There’s only 20 days left, so if you work at it, that two week trial might just be enough to climb the required 5,000m (16,404ft). If you manage to climb the 5,000m before the end of the contest, you’ll be entered into a drawing where one lucky rider will win the full Wahoo set up. That includes the Wahoo KICKR smart trainer and their new KICKR CLIMB which attaches to your fork and actually moves your bike up and down simulating the climbs that you’re seeing in your training program.

Follow the link below to enter.



  1. Crash Bandicoot on

    Honestly I would never give my money to these folks after my experience, I ordered and used this platform when it was branded under Cycleops and despite paying my monthly fee I would constantly get booted out of the product and told I needed to pay for a membership for which I already paid. After I cancelled my subscription multiple times they still charged my card over and over and I ended up having to have to dispute the charges with my CC company.


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