With another North American Handmade Bike Show having come to a close, we here at the BikeRumor NAHBS Team continue our salute to the big winners at this year’s exhibition in Hartford, Connecticut.

Congratulations to all the builders showing at NAHBS this year. See you next year in Sacramento!

Best in Show

NAHBS 2018, Altruiste, Best In Show

Altruiste Bikes


President’s Choice

NAHBS 2018, SaltAir

SaltAir Cycles


Best Custom Silca Award

NAHBS 2018, FiftyOne

FiftyOne Bikes


Campagnolo Award, Best in Show

NAHBS 2018, Enigma

Enigma Bicycleworks


Campagnolo Award, Second Place

NAHBS 2018, Deanima



Best Columbus Builds

NAHBS 2018, Sklar, UltraRomance Nutmegger


NAHBS 2018, Don Walker

Don Walker

NAHBS 2018, Stinner

Stinner Frameworks


Stay tuned for more Bikerumor.com coverage of the North American Handmade Bike Show in Hartford, Connecticut. 


  1. Blacksmith Cycle on

    Hey gang! FYI, the DeAnima, FiftyOne and Stinner will be at Blacksmith Cycle in Toronto for anyone who wants to see them in person, starting tomorrow. We are super stoked to have been involved in all three builds and appreciative of all the support from Campagnolo, Silca, and Columbus!! Thanks, Anna, for the great coverage.

  2. Jan S. on

    Please excuse my English – I´m not a native speaker.

    To me it seems, that this year´s NAHBS is rather a weak show…

    I haven´t been there physically, just following on the computer screen…

    Many of my favourite framebuliders (Firefly, Baum, Engin) weren´t there, and the bikes shown are not my personal taste.

    Another weakness, it seems to me, is also the huge number of “winners” in the show!

    It must be hard, to find a bike that was NOT awarded a “winner”…

    • TOM KELLOGG on

      I thought you might want to know what actually happened during the awards process. Effectively, all of the award categories were the same this year as last. We did drop one award and the judges added an award for the builder or company with the best combination of frame work, build up quality, presentation and communication with customers. That award was called the Judges Discretion Award and went to No.22. They earned it.
      The other awards (Silca, Columbus, Campy, Boyd) are not part of the NAHBS awards process and the NAHBS judges have nothing to do with them. They are simply a vehicle where sponsors can get a bit more press and express gratitude to builders who use their products.
      Don’t blame NAHBS for missing builders. Each of those builders made their own decisions for their own reasons. Drew from Engin was at the show but opted to not show, Baum would have had to put down a chunk of change to show and take a huge amount of time to do so. I stopped showing years ago, not because there is anything wrong with NAHBS, but because at this point in my career, it just doesn’t make sense. I can be more useful by helping newer builders develop than I can by building up a longer backlog. And at my age, showing off has lost its appeal. Thanks for reading.

      Tom Kellogg
      NAHBS judge ’18

    • Snowflake Blizzard on

      You’re absolutely correct! NAHBS is completely overrun with bipeds. There is essentially zero representation of quadrupeds or reptiles at this show. Uuughh, it makes me feel so gross contributing to this blatant homogenized bipedal worship. How did this happen? Something must be done to allow easier entry for non-bipeds in next years show. Imagine the incredible creations that would come from a frame building centaur.

  3. jeffs on

    I wasn’t at NAHBS this year, but have been 3 times in the past. There are so many great bikes there, no where close to everyone get an award. Lots of very cool bikes get very little press. The too expensive comment I expect but not that one.

    Some years the award winners resonate more with me than others. Trends change.

    Hopefully more galleries on-line once people have time to organize past just the highlights.

  4. Michael ~ Enigma Bicycle Works on

    As the Brits say we’re chuffed to receive the Best Campagnolo Equipped Bike at NAHBS Hartford. A lot of time went into the full build. It really turned out well.

  5. contrarian on

    I find it interesting that Benedict gets to hold the award alongside Skylar, although UltraRomance was more of a customer than a builder. Is that to say if I asked a custom builder to build me a bike for NAHBS, I could use that as a resume entry for “bike design”? I feel like Adam would have won an award no matter what he entered, so it’s mighty nice of him to invite a customer to the podium.


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