This year, mountain bikes were few and far between, and there were virtually no fat bikes. This truly was the year of the gravel bike, which left a wide open space for any mountain bike to stand out. That said, Canadian brand Altruiste didn’t leave much to chance by turning out two very unique models, netting them a Best Mountain Bike award.

The single pivot design uses two BMX bottom brackets built into one, getting a double set of bearings on each side and the super strong BMX crank spindle running all the way thru it. They say it puts no load on the shock, and doesn’t let the back end flex or twist.

This DJ/slopestyle model was made for Matt McDuff, who you may recognized from the Loop of Doom:

This watermelon themed bike barely made it back from paint in time, and was then cobbled together with matching dual-tone anodized bits from Paul Component and Industry Nine. Fancy, and delicious!

You can find them at the website below, but apparently the award has given them a bit more of a bump than they may have anticipated – their site was crashed from exceeding bandwidth allotments. Congrats guys, thems growing pains! (you can hit ’em up on Facebook in the meantime)


  1. “very unique” 🙁
    digging the offset rear shock/seat tube. the tubular rear caliper mount is also so much nicer than a chunk of steel plate.

  2. “They say it puts no load on the shock”
    I don’t really understand this statement — how could any rear suspension design not load the shock?

    • RC talked to him about that, and he said he was more concerned about the plushness of the rear wheel than the pedaling characteristics.

      • Yeah, but that pivot location is bad for *both* of those things. You end up with a forward axle path, meaning the suspension will be much *less* plush on bigger/square hits. You also will have horrible squat/bobbing under power, unless you crank up the damping circuits – which will again make the bike much less “plush”.

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