Sinewave Cycles first popped on the scene with their USB-charging port headset cap, and have since added lights and started reselling dynamo hubs. The cap is a very popular site around NAHBS, and growing more so as people are building out gravel adventure bikes with hopes (or real, actual plans) of heading off for days at a time.

Sinewave Cycles Beacon dynamo powered bicycle headlamp can also be battery powered

To keep those adventures illuminated, the updated Beacon headlamp can now be had in multiple colors. Or combinations of colors if you want to mix and match the bezels with the body. The light pulls triple duty by offering a USB charging port to top off your electronics while riding, and comes with a charging cable that ends with a standard USB plug so you can power it off an external battery pack, too. That lets you keep it running brighter at stops (it stores some of its own energy to maintain low output for up to five minutes without a battery pack), or just run it brighter when climbing very slowly. The electronics are smart enough to pull only what it needs from your battery pack, relying on the dynamo to do the rest.

Sinewave Cycles SP Dynamo hub with thru axle

With everything moving toward thru axles, Sinewave has a new SP Dynamo thru-axle compatible hub ready to go. This makes it possible to add a dynamo hub to your mountain bike suspension fork and create a more capable bikepacking or touring bicycle. They also have one from Schmidt, as well as fat bike hubs and more.


  1. Shutter Precision has been selling their dynamo hubs, completely independently of Sinewave or anyone else, for several months now. Where does Sinewave fit in here?

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