Need to get your thru axle wheels off the ground or keep them from rolling around the back of your sweet Sprinter? The new Lindarets wall mounted thru axle bicycle wheel storage system is a simple, elegant solution for anything from skinny road to 3.0″ Plus mountain bike tires.

lindarets secure wall mount storage for thru axle bicycle wheels lindarets secure wall mount storage for thru axle bicycle wheelsThe Wheel Mount is CNC’d from 6061 aluminum and is angled slightly to allow road bike wheels to overlap, meaning you can mount them closer together. But for mountain bike tires, they’ll still hold a 27.5×3.0 without the tire touching the wall.

The axle fits 12×100 road axles, with enough extra length to handle a Boost 15×110 mountain bike wheel, too. Those measurements mean it’s just for front wheels, which is usually the only one we’re removing to stash a bike inside a van, trailer or tight space anyway.

They’re available for pre-order now for $39.95, delivery slated for early April 2018.


      • We have 10′ + ceilings in our bike room so if you swap wheels a lot its a pain and almost impossible without a ladder/step stool. We use just garden hooks sticking out of the wall to hold like 4 wheels a pop.

    • Frank,

      There are a couple- but this product really came from my experience and preferences, so your mileage may vary. We did have simple hooks in the van before remodeling it this winter and they worked alright- but really needed a bungee or something to keep them from bouncing around. While a little slower in/out, the Thru Axle Mount is much more secure and (disc-in) does a good job of protecting rotors.

      In a retail setting, it’s more of an aesthetic improvement than anything else, though there may be cases where the slower knob would be preferable to a single hook.

  1. Jon,
    It’ll work (and look awesome) on a wall- but unless your wall moves more than it should or you’re displaying your wheels a hook will probably do you just fine.

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