Industry Nine has just updated their coverage to add a limited lifetime warranty to all of their carbon wheelsets. Whether road or mountain bike, if you’ve purchased them from an authorized dealer or directly from I9, they’ve got you covered. As long as you’re using them within the scope of their designated use, that is. Their disclaimer: “If you hit a tree at 30mph or come up short on a double while riding your road bike at the bike park and break a wheel – we have a great crash replacement program.”

That means their all-new disc brake carbon road wheels and any carbon mountain bike set will now give you a little more peace of mind when it’s time to plunk down the coin. Combine a line up of carbon rims that are almost all proprietary designs with their bullet proof hubs and we don’t suspect they’ll see a lot of claims. But, it’s still nice to have that protection as a backup. The new lifetime limited warranty backdates to cover all new wheels purchased on or after January 1, 2018.


  1. So basically every time you break a wheel they’ll decline manufacturer defect and offer you a crash replacement. Been through this before with Reynolds and Cannondale, these warrantys are mostly marketing. The only companies who have really impressed me in this regard are Trek and Zipp.

    • Good marketing is good marketing. This will help push the sale of their products. I know many people who ride their carbon MTB wheels, and they 100% all ride their bikes like idiots and always break their wheels. I wouldn’t warranty 99% of them. Granted, I have a lot of hooligan MTB friends but I know that’s a good chunk of their demographic.

    • I’m with you on being impressed with Trek/Bontrager warranty group. Best warranty experiences of any company I’ve dealt with, bike related or not. Industry 9 is also a good company with quality people so I’d expect them to be fair and reasonable with the warranty.

    • 2 year no question asked guarantee from RACEFACE is also impressive. Much better than a Warranty as there is no fine print.

  2. All companies in the carbon wheel market already know full well what they’re going to cover even before a wheel comes in. They’ve seen it all, and know when you’re full of hot air. The JRA defect is a myth; they know when and where and why a wheel will break, and are prepared to deal with it when it comes in.

    That being said, even companies without a full “lifetime” warranty will cover you even after the 3- or 5- or however many-year warranty expires, since they will know what happened when they see the “defect” and can readily tell it apart from “This d-bag just wants to replace his old-ass wheelset on our dime, then will go online, stomp his feet, and whine about it if he doesn’t get his way.”

  3. Their crap is so over priced that even if they replace your wheels a few times they are still money ahead and you are $$ behind. do they rebuild the old wheel with a new rim for free or is the customer on the hook for that? these warranties remind of life time light bulbs. at 10x the price they will gladly just send you new ones. they are still making more money.

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