Mike Pryde debuted Chapter2 last summer with the Tere road bike, using subtly aero tube shaping and details. While they called that bike ‘Aero’, this new Chapter2 Rere is “Full-Aero”. So what exactly is the difference? And what makes the new Mana integrated cockpit unique?

Chapter2 Rere carbon aero road bike

While the Tere got some aero features, this new aero road bike has been fully optimized for aerodynamics, taking lessons honed by Pryde when developing time trial, triathlon & aero road race bikes. Chapter2 says the name Rere means “to flow” in Maori, slipping effortlessly through the wind drag that every road cyclist is constantly battling.

The Rere gets aerodynamic tubing profiles from tip to tail, in a design developed then  tested in the Auckland University Wind Tunnel across a wide range of Yaw angles from the drive & non-driveside.

Tech details

The new aero optimized Rere is constructed from a mix of high modulus Toray carbon, with a claimed frame weight of 998g (M) & fork weight of 398g (uncut).

The frame uses a proprietary reversible elliptical aero seatpost (198g), that gives riders a full range of saddle offset positions, and is held in place with a hidden wedge style clamp in the toptube.

The carbon frame features aero direct mount brakes, placed in traditional positions on the kinked seatstays and front of the fork crown for usability. It also gets a pressfit BB86.5 bottom bracket, and is designed to clear 28mm tires.

The Rere is designed with modular internal cable routing in mind, and is optimized for electronic shift drivetrains, including internal battery mounting.

Mechanical shift setups are still possible too.


The Rere gets a race-focused fit and geometry (not surprising as it has already been UCI approved for competition.) The rim brake Rere is available in five stock sizes (XS-XL), with the two smaller frames getting their own greater offset forks to preserve more consistent handling.

Pricing & Availability

The gloss on matte black limited edition is available for pre-order now in select markets, with bikes expected to ship at the end of May 2018. Available exclusively as a frame kit including frame, fork, headset & seatpost, it sells for US$2700/2400€.

The second limited edition Pearl+UD version with turquoise & exposed carbon accents is expected to become available soon.

Mana integrated carbon road bike cockpit

The new Mana integrated cockpit is a an aero optimized road handlebar & stem combo meant to complement the new Rere. The one-piece carbon road bar+stem is an ultra premium $539/478€ cockpit that while bringing an aero solution to the Rere, can be used on any other road bike with a 1.125″ stem clamping area. The Mana gets internal routing through the bar top only, but Chapter2 didn’t go overboard with in-stem routing to make sure it would work well with most road bike setups.

The UD Toray carbon Mana bar comes in five sizes that pair 80-120mm effective stem lengths with 40-42cm bar widths, and 70mm reach/128mm drop. Claimed weight for the mid-size 100mm/42cm bar is 330g. It includes accommodation for a bottom-mounted out-front GPS mount, and includes Di2 bar end junction box routing.



  1. formoverfunction on

    Both bikes in this article have the brake cables routed backwards. I guess it makes the bike look cleaner, but I’d rather have sloppy cables instead of doing an endo.

  2. Crash Bandicoot on

    Gorgeous frame, really like the paint but gosh do those Red cranks look ugly compared to the likes of campagnolo.


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