With new brand Batch Bicycles in the works, Huffy will soon be back in bike shops across the US through the local Independent Bicycle Dealer network. Huffy CEO Bill Smith has been making open moves to reconnect with IBD owners since at least the start of last year. And now Batch is poised to take it one step further.

Batch Bicycles in your local bike shop by Huffy

We first noticed when Bicycle Retailer reported on Smith noting to IBD owners how Huffy sells 4.3 million bikes a year. Their big box bikes are often the first two-wheelers that introduce a new cyclist to the potential of riding. And Smith wanted to open up a connection to point Huffy owners to IBDs when their bikes needed service, hoping to build lifelong bicyclists. The logic was pretty sound when he spoke to the group of bike shop owners at last year’s IBD Summit. And Huffy have since followed through, adding a national network of cooperating Service Center shops to their website.

Now with a foundation of open communication with IBDs, Smith & Huffy are about to come back with Batch Bicycles.

The general idea is to build affordable, simple bikes that can fit in under the more premium brands most bike shops already sell. Huffy has been talking up their purchasing power, experience in producing huge numbers of bikes, and lack of overhead costs that all allows them to deliver high value bike to IBDs with beneficial profit margins for the shops and no need to pre-order & inventory a ton of bikes. They have even developed a mobile purchasing app for shops that will allow them to order one bike at a time for customers and have it delivered to the shop within 2-3 days.

BRAIN reports that Batch will officially launch this coming fall at Interbike with a broad range of five bike types: a comfort bike, a city commuter, a beach-style cruiser, a mountain bike, and more than one kids’ bikes. Batch aims to deliver unmatched value in build quality and spec, with all of the bikes featuring aluminum frames, Shimano drivetrains, and proper double-walled alloy wheels.

We’ll have the full breakdown of Batch Bicycles when they are officially launched in September 2018.



  1. Is this the S-Works Huffy with DiTourney? Score, I can be in the Tour de Frances and be like Eddie Merxes

  2. I will never forget that 24″ green and black Huffy with the grip shifters I got as a kid! Must have been early 90s. It was so sick!

  3. Probably predictable when Huffy bought niner. FWIW there’s no reason they can’t join Raleigh, Diamond Back, GT and so forth with a new market initiative.

  4. Huffy has been trying to be a bike shop brand for the past 30 years. Trying again because big box stores are failing and they are loosing out to Mongoose, novara etc. It won’t work. The Huffy brand is synonymous with the bike you throw into the river. People are dropping major $$$$ on bicycles now. It’s no longer how can we make the cheapest bike possible.

  5. Weird to launch a product line with no products, what exactly are they pitching to shops? Vertical integration, economies of scale the build quality huffy is synonymous for? This strategy only works for companies with high brand equity.

    • Seems to me that it’s service referrals for Huffy owners who bought at a place that can’t service the bike (i.e. Big Box Store, Amazon), and, coming soon, a line of bikes to step them up to that is better in quality than the BBS Huffy, but more affordable than other Bike Shop brand bikes.

  6. My first “mountain bike” as a kid was a Huffy 20 or 24″ with a suspension fork circa 1994ish. The dampers were literally label “goodyear” and they looked like they just grabbed 2 shock absorbs designed for a Geo Metro and made them into a fork. I bet that fork weighed in at 10+ lbs. It did get me onto the trail when I was about 10 y.o. so it was a good gateway.

  7. Fire their marketing person immediately for coming up with the name Batch, as in building in large batches, and as opposed to individual, handcrafted, made with care.

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