Introduced last year as the world’s first aero road bike designed exclusively for 1x front chainrings, the 3T Strada Team used their top-level billing, layup and parts. Now, they’ve trickled the design down with a slightly heavier carbon layup, but it keeps the same aerodynamic frame and fork. And the 1x drivetrain.

2019 3T Strada Pro aero road bike with 1x drivetrain

The Pro model gets a simpler layup that adds about 130g, putting it at about 1,100g. It comes to market thanks to a recent tripling of their production capabilities for the frame and fork that let them catch up on demand for the Team model. It comes with their 3T Discus C35 Pro wheels fitted with 700×25 tires, but they say the wide rims push them to a measured 28mm wide. The frame itself can accommodate up to a 30mm tire. Finishing kit includes their Aeronova handlebar and a full SRAM Force 1×11 group…including the cranks, which come with the Quarq-ready spider. Sorry, no 3T Torno cranks or 12-speed cassette on this model.

Retail for the complete bike is $/€4,990, available now through 3T dealers. Full build spec available on their website.


  1. That’s a lot of money to be shoehorned into 1x. In comparison canyon will sell you an Aeroad with hydraulic Ultegra Di2 (lighter frameset) with a set of deep section carbon clinchers for 400 bucks less.

  2. I still can’t see why anyone would eliminate the front derailleur on a road bike. MTB or Cyclocross sure, but I can’t remember the last time I dropped a chain on my road bike even during gravel races and I much prefer the tighter ratios on my 12-27 or 25cassette when I am fighting for traction on a gravel or dirt road. This is a solution looking for a problem and a sucker to buy it.

  3. Always interested on how frame sizing on these are impacted by these very steep actual ST angle aero frame. Yes, effective will be the “norm” 73ish deg, but only at one seat height. Probably can accommodate by adjust the seat fore-aft and different stems but weight distribution would seem to be affected. It seemingly works for those that get them though.

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