Rolling around Sea Otter, Post Carry founder Marc Mendoza was showing off his Transfer Case, a new bicycle travel case that fits in standard luggage dimensions but fits a full size, standard bicycle. Two sizes will be offered. The Small will hold bikes up to a 56, and the Large up to 62cm frames.

Post Carry full size bicycle travel case fits in standard luggage dimensions with no airline baggage fees

Fully packed with your bike, a few tools and bits, and a cycling kit, Marc says it’s under 40lb, well within the weight limits for airlines, too. It comes with internal padding pieces to wrap your frame, separate wheel compartments, and other organizational bits plus full instructions on how to pack your bike. When finished, zip it up, close the flap and it’s ready to roll to the airport or on the train. It’ll even fit in most vehicles’ trunks.

Post Carry full size bicycle travel case fits in standard luggage dimensions with no airline baggage fees

It’s a soft-sided case, but inside is a rigid corrugated plastic layer sandwiched between foam pads to provide protection much closer to what you’d get from a hard case. The benefit is weight savings (it’s under 6kg) and this let him make it collapsible. When not in use, it folds down to about the size of a large duffel bag, only flatter, and can still be worn on the back for easy transport while riding. Overall, we’re impressed with the design and look forward to trying one out on a future trip. Other than the time spent removing your bar, stem and a couple other bits, there seems to be no compromise to using this, only upside.

Another bonus? Retail price will be $399 plus shipping, which is on par or less than many other travel cases. And they’ll have a discounted pre-order deal for anyone that’s on their email list. Join that and check out more photos on their website.


  1. It looks like a nice case. However (per the site) even the smaller case at 73 linear inches is larger than most airlines standard checked bag size of 62 linear inches.

  2. Most domestic airlines define oversize as larger than 62 linear inches (length+width+height). If one looked at the spec charts, one would know that both sizes of the Transfer case are well above that limit (73″ & 77″). There’s virtually no way a complete bike with 700C wheels can packed at 62 linear inches, I don’t care whose case it is. Sure, this case can pack a bike at under 50-lbs complete, and in my travels (22 countries, ~300k miles) airlines are far more likely to just weigh an item rather than also measure dimensions, but it is factually inaccurate to say that it fits within standard luggage limits. If want to fly a bike with 700C wheels at 62″ and under 50-lbs, you’ll need an S&S bike with S&S case or maybe a Ritchey Breakaway (but in an S&S case since the Ritchey case is 65″).

  3. This is Marc from Post. While we of course state that Transfer Case is above US domestic airlines’ 62″ linear dimension limit, the Case gives travelers the best chance at avoiding the oversize fee because it’s up to the airline counter agent to decide to measure the Case on the spot. On my domestic trips throughout testing, at most I’ve been asked what’s inside, but never measured – and the counter agent just lets it through. As OriginalMarkV states, many airlines around the world just weigh an item. Outside the US, many airlines charge luggage by weight, not dimension or quantity. So, light weight could be the cost-saving factor depending on the airline.

  4. Actually, oversize luggage many times won’t incur additional baggage fees (obviously depending on airlines and especially now, class of ticket), it’s the weight and categorization as a bicycle that’ll do that. By keeping it under 50 lbs and hoping that you don’t have to reveal that it’s a bicycle, you very likely would be able to avoid extra baggage fees

  5. I actually was charged once because my case was over the standard size limit. So, it’s false advertising to claim that a case is within the standard size limit when you know that it isn’t.

  6. I’m wondering what you do with the girl. There’s lots of grease on it. Would I have to remove that grease and then regrease on the other side? Or is their a protective cup that you attach to the top and creates space around the fork head?

  7. I now own the 150L version of this case. My first trip on Southwest Airlines resulted in no charges. The agent did catergorize it as “oversized”. It weighed in at 40.5lbs for a 58cm alu track bike, helmet, shoes, a few tools, pedals, hand pump.After picking it up from the baggage claim I unpacked my bike, built it up in the airport, strapped my case to my back and rode away happily. Great product from where I stand.

  8. Will there be any plans going forward for a UK/European Distributor? looks like a great bit of kit, and will cure my issue of cramped kids and wife in the car when we head to the airport..

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