If you want the lightest weight cycling sock on the market, step this way. The new DeFeet EVO comes in well under 40g for the pair, shaving around 30% or more off the weight of their Air-E-Ators. But there’s more to them than just saving weight. The socks were developed for the Quickstep pro cycling team, who wanted something slick, breathable and comfortable for long days of racing. Here’s how DeFeet delivered…

DeFeet EVO are the lightweight cycling socks the pros wear

The EVO line will come in three versions: The Mont Ventoux (shown above), the Carbon, and the Classic (both shown further down). The Ventoux gets the most extensive texture, essentially removing some material in strategic patterns to create thinner windows. This allows sweat vapor to exit more quickly.

DeFeet EVO makes what are the best lightweight summer cycling socks for hot weather

The other big difference is the use of an extruded filament polyester thread rather than a ring-spun yarn. That makes it slicker and smoother feeling, but also helps save weight. Add in a bit more Lycra than their others for increased compression, too, and you have an all-day sock for hot temps or moist conditions.

You can hear DeFeet founder Shane Cooper explain them himself in this video, which is part of the Bikerumor Friday Yard Sale #022, where they introduced the new sock to us amidst massive flooding and epic gravel riding.

DeFeet EVO cycling socks are the lightest athletic socks in the world

DeFeet EVO cycling socks are the lightest athletic socks in the world

The DeFeet EVO Mont Ventoux will come in four colors (blue, plus hi-vis pink, yellow and orange) and retail for $19.99.

DeFeet EVO carbon fiber cycling socks are the lightest weight socks in the world

The EVO Carbon will only come in black and uses a spiraling knit pattern with carbon fiber thread used. The claimed benefits are lighter weight and inherent anti-stink properties. And they’ll have more compression than the others. Perhaps most importantly, though, you can match up the look of your carbon bike and wheels with your socks. And tell your friends that even your socks are carbon. And they’re a couple grams lighter. Because #incrementalgains. Retail will be $24.99.

DeFeet EVO Classic ultra lightweight cycling socks with classic ribbed uppers

The Evo Classic brings back a traditional ribbed sock look, but with the same modern materials, price and light weight as the Evo Mont Ventoux. Three colors include white, hi-vis yellow, and (finally) a standard black. Look around DeFeet’s rainbow of options and you won’t really find a standard black cycling sock…now they have one!

All three versions have a 6″ cuff height and will come in S/M/L/XL sizes. Available in June 2018.



    • They are super duper strong up until you over torque the boa dial on your bont’s and then they’ll inevitably and spontaneously EXPLODE on a fast curvy downhill…

  1. Pft lightweight socks…big deal..figure out a way to make white socks that aren’t ruined after one ride in the rain and you’ve got my money.

  2. Okay, so I get some of my socks from my wardrobe. Socks are from a well-known brand and they are years old. They are quite long and “aero”, but without carbon.
    Weight: 29 g

  3. Carbon socks, Great, a new place for a bike to make a creaking noise. I can hear it now.
    -My bike makes a creaking noise.
    -Sir, did you check your socks?

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