That wait wasn’t long! Just last week we got a detailed look at DT Swiss’ Micro Spline freehub, but were told freehubs wouldn’t be readily available on their own. Now Shimano has updated us, that the DT Swiss Micro Spline XTR freehubs WILL BE available separately for wheel upgrades from DT!

DT Swiss XTR-compatible Micro Spline freehub body

The official word from Shimano now is that yes, “DT can sell the freehubs to individuals to upgrade their wheels“. That is a welcome update, and seems to stem from some confusion along the lines between the two parties (we take that to mean Shimano & DT Swiss) about timelines for groupset launch & availability, the availability of new DT hubs with the Micro Spline, and of the freehubs themselves.

So to good news is..

If you have a recent DT Swiss complete wheelset or wheelset built with recent DT Swiss hubs that use the DT Star Ratchet – they will be new XTR M9100 Micro Spline compatible! No need to worry about rebuilding or replacing expensive carbon race wheels. Not even any creative hub purchase/trade exchanges will be necessary. Just a simple tool-free swap (unless you want to use the Unior Hub Genie that I thought up) including special axle endcaps give you standard Shimano 10/11, SRAM XD, or new Shimano Micro Spline 12 speed compatibility.

In fact, while Shimano’s own XTR hubs will be mostly Boost spaced, you can still fit the Micro Spline freehub to pre-Boost DT hubs if you are upgrading a pre-Boost bike to the new racing groupset.

Of course we still are going to have to wait for availability of that shiny new XTR drivetrain – that won’t show up for retail sale until Fall 2018. Until then, rest assured that DT Swiss will be able to get you a Micro Spline freehub for a tool free wheel upgrade in time to install your new 10-51 Shimano XTR M9100 12-speed cassette. (And when the time comes for 12 speed XT, you’ll be good too.)


    • It wasn’t even a problem to begin with, except somehow BR thought that Shimano and DT would not allow it. From the original article:

      “Even though DT is the only company currently authorized to produce Micro Spline freehubs, the reality seems to be that the development agreement between Shimano and DT Swiss appears to prohibit DT from selling the new freehubs individually.”

      • Seriously….this is still months and months away from being available. The funny part is imagine how much time, money and resources could have been saved if Shimano simply adopted Sram’s XD driver. Gasp!!

        • If what you want is an XD driver on a hub then you’re in luck, it’s available today, no waiting.

          I am personally looking forward to 12-speed Shimano. YMMV…

        • Shimano is not about to adopt anything designed by a competitor that they had no design input on.

  1. Product managers have not had a chance to test new XTR for spec purposes. Word is XT, STX, other groups will also use the proprietary splines and will not be available for licensing to other hub brands besides DT. Shimano is trying to gain back all the MTB groupo business lost to SRAM… restricting the license is not the best way to get spec from the large brand’s PD mgrs…. but Shimano does not care. SRAM I’m sure if very happy Shimano is holding this license tight since it works in their favor. Most PD mgs do not like Shimano dealing with staff but do like working w SRAM staff… much nicer people to work with. Buy Shimano or beat it punk.

  2. Still won’t convince me to buy new xtr or Xt anytime soon

    I’m tired of this f’n industry changing standards for the sake of it. Cynical and not customer friendly.

    • Yeah they change their mtb freehub design every 22 years…they suck! Seriously, Dura-Ace 9-speed debuted in 1996, and they’ve been using that freehub length for mtb ever since. I’d say we we’re on borrowed time. The recent redesign necessitated a smaller diameter to enable smaller sprockets, and they were forward thinking enough to realize they’d likely produce entry level parts for that design some day. Hence why it’s splined for the entire length. There’s only so cheap you can make a cassette with XD drivers, and Shimano’s business hinges on volume. Once everything down to SLX uses that driver, you’ll be thankful for $70 cassettes. Maybe even cheaper if it makes it’s way down to Deore.

      Do I need to remind you of everyone’s reaction to the XD driver debut?

      • @Shafty Exactly! it seems to have been well engineered and it’s great that you’ll be able to adapt it to non boost hubs. They deserve a lot of credit for that.

      • > There’s only so cheap you can make a cassette with XD drivers

        Why couldn’t a company make make an XD cassette with a steel carrier that supported aluminum/titanium/steel cogs?

  3. GX eagle uses stamped sprockets on a carrier and fits the XD driver body. There was no need for another new freehub std. SRAM have a more cost effective cassette coming that’s priced below the XG 1275.

    • Shimano isnt about to pay Sram to license the xd driver. This would be like an iphone running Android. Not ever going to happen.

  4. the good new is Shimano hubs utilize sealed bearings.
    regarding after market hubs it is very nice DT is entering with Shimano its the best in the market for sure but i have no doubt all other producers will follow.
    give it some time.

  5. Fun fact: just spent 20m turning the bonus flange off a new Micro Spline freehub so that it would work with (240 level) DT Spline 1 hubs. Otherwise is binds on the shell when the thru axle is tightened. Good times.

  6. Update: Good news is these are widely available. Bad news is be careful as they may not fit your DT branded hub. My 2018 Roval rear hub is a no go.

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