Urge Bike Products has been churning out affordable, unique mountain bike helmets for ten years now. And to commemorate the milestone they’ve put together a limited 10th Anniversary reissue of their original Endur-O-Matic helmet and the half shell gravity Real Jet.

Urge’s limited 10th edition Endur-O-Matic 1 MTB helmet

Urge says this will be the final production of their original & popular Endur-O-Matic 1, the helmet design that started it all for them. While the second generation of the Endur-O-Matic added more venting, the original did well with carefully designed internal channels and remains popular, and still packs the same comfort & protection.

The CE1078/CPSC certified reissue of the Endur-O-Matic 1 gets a new modern visor design and is actually lighter than the newer helmet at just 339g. Available for 99€, the 10th anniversary limited edition Urge Endur-O-Matic with its in-mold construction is available in two sizes – S/M or L/XL – with removable, machine washable Gangsta pads.

Limited 10th anniversary edition Urge Real Jet half shell enduro helmet

For a bit more heavy lifting (and descending) the CE1078-certified Real Jet is a fiberglass-shelled half shell enduro helmet built to take some abuse. Pretty much a full gravity helmet, minus a chin bar, the Real Jet features six of Urge’s iconic round mesh covered vents up top to get heat away from your head.

Inside thick removable & machine washable mesh pads keep your head comfy while pulling sweat away. Urge says the Real Jet uses a neck design shaped for enduro to all full freedom of movement, plus it gets a vented ABS visor. The 149€ Real Jet comes in two sizes – S/M or L/XL – and weighs in at 859g.

Only 300 each of the special edition helmet has been made, with every one hand-numbered by Urge designer Jean-Pierre “Zoobab” Garnier. Both of the “eco-responsible” helmets incorporate recycled materials and feature special 10th anniversary colors and graphics. Get them direct from Urge while supplies last.


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