Video: Building the 3T Strada – The 1x / Single Chainring Road Bike

This video covers the build process of 3T’s Strada Road bike, the 1x / single chainring road bike. Ordinarily, I’m all about gravel bikes, but I still ride road bikes, and this build process and technology are very relevant to gravel bikes. We received this bike earlier in the year in the form of a complete, boxed kit. You can check out the 3T Strada unboxing video here.

Paul of Bikes & More in Gainesville, Florida, assembled the 3T Strada from a box of parts on a quiet Friday night. The build features fully internalized cable / hydraulic brake housings, including internalization for the drop handlebar. Many thanks to Paul for his patience and diligence with this tricky build!

Check out Bikes & More by visiting and, don’t forget to check out the 3T Strada Haute Route edition.

The next video in this series will be the complete review of the 3T Strada 1x road bike.

Video by Gravel Cyclist. Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience.


  1. Sarcastic mode ON: Is there a part where they explain the chain will drop in the final km of the Tours de Suisse making you lose the stage? #thankyousram1x

    • Non sarcastic mode on: or you might consider a more likely scenario where a freehub isn’t freewheeling so good and feeding chain forward with no place for it to go so that once you pedal the chain drops off. If SRAM’s 1x drivetrain was to blame, CX racers on the same drivetrain would be dropping chains far more frequently.

      • Could be, on other reports some claims it could be the inertia of the large spinning cassette. Looking at videos I can’t really see the free wheel slacking the chain, will have a look at the LBS tonight they have one in demo.

      • Not sure how it worked but Scott is correct that it not installed per SRAM’s instalation instructions. I had to get one out to look at it to double check as I was second guessing myself even though I have installed many of them.

    • That didn’t end up that way. Just a case of ass-backwards setup that was quickly caught and setup properly. Unfortunately it got caught on camera. Sometimes the cart gets put before the horse, but as you were right to point out, it won’t work that way. Just an embarrassing little oops in the initial setup.

  2. I can’t speak for the frame quality/issues but I run the 1X Etap disc on my bike and its legit. For most of the country and with reasonable fitness a 1X makes sense and works with no issues. It won’t work every where for everyone but it does work well if you don’t have super long climbs

      • That’s the same argument riders used when we went from 7-8-9-10-11-12 speed… When you ride, you get used to it and you adjust

        • Going from 7 to 12 gears reduces jumps, and was done because its a benefit.
          Who is purposefully going from higher cassette gear counts to lower?

          One would adjust to riding a 80’s mtb but that doesn’t mean the bieks are as good as today’s.

          • When 9-10-11 came out the majority of cassettes simply added a lower gear without changing anything in the middle and people complained about that. My point is people like to complain about new products. The industry is constantly evolving with new products and recycling the same tired complaints is pointless. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t buy it

            • I agree with your last sentence wholeheartedly.

              However, last arguments are moot. It’s a simply fact compared to 2x, 1x can not meet the range or jumps. I could care less what people made do with on lesser/older tech. 1x has benefits. If those outweigh the disadvantages for the buyer more power to them. That doesn’t mean the disadvantages aren’t there.

  3. I’ve now built a few of these and this guy seems to have a good handle on the build, but i’ll add a few things:

    -wrap the steerer with tape before cutting to avoid fraying the carbon.

    -check the hanger alignment before installing the der, as many are not square out of the box (all brands).

    -ditch the bb tensioning device that sram uses and swap for wavy washers an spacers, (i’ve seen too many come loose and sram has since stopped making these.. or so i’ve heard)..

    -install the foam tube top down as not to kink the housing when jamming it into the frame at the bb interface

    I found it odd that the wore gloves early in the build but ditched them when handling DOT fluid. I’d have done the opposite.

    This is a great bike and honestly the blabber about gappy gearing is one that you have to decide on for yourself. Ditching a front der is liberating and for the average cyclist it makes sense as long as the range is adequate and in-line with their strength a & terrain.

    3t is making a bold move with the Strada, but IMO the Exploro makes even more sense as it’s pretty capable as a 700c road bike but it takes on a whole separate personal with 650×47.

    Im looking forward to road bikes w/o front ders as this concept gets more accepted. My guess is that we will see this in e-tap shortly in a 1×12.

    • Those loose gloves were not my ideal glove. Had they been better fitting, they would have stayed on, but they were too sloppy for technical work. As for the fork, it got scored 360 degrees in the cutting jig prior to cutting and had Zero strand pullout. I just like to bevel the outer edge for a smooth spacer and stem install. I do sometimes use tape too, but I like to score before the cut to completely avoid any strand separation.

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