We caught our first glimpse of these at Eurobike last fall, where Hope explained that they were still in testing. Based on their existing brakes but with an extra pair of pistons coming along for the ride, the V6ti do still remain in testing according to their expo rep. The brakes are aimed at the downhill market, but will likely see use on high performance e-Bikes, too, where the extra weight can use all the help it can get to reduce its speed.

prototype hope v6ti 6-piston hydraulic mountain bike brakes for downhill and e-bikes

The brakes are admittedly going to be a low volume item, so they’ll get machined titanium pistons rather than molded phenolic ones. These are supposed to manage heat just as well, but are easier to produce in small quantities.

prototype hope v6ti 6-piston hydraulic mountain bike brakes for downhill and e-bikes

Their expo bike was equipped with a special lever etched with the word “Moto” on it, but they said that was simply for testing purposes and that the production ones will work with their Tech3 levers. These levers get independent reach adjust and pad contact (bite point) adjust and work with their full range of 2- and 4-piston XC, enduro and DH brake calipers.



  1. Does this mean there might be a chance that the old Mono6Ti are getting serviceable again, or are the internals too different? Would love to keep my 10 year old pistons working 10 more.

  2. You would want to check with your fork manufacturer before sticking one of these on a road bike. My forks are only rated for a 160 and I guess these would be 180 and up only.

    • That’s their vented rotor for their Tech V series brakes. Basically two thin pieces of steel braking surface with internal fins between them to help with cooling.

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