If you’re looking for the fastest, best tubeless tire sealant on the market, Joe’s No Flats Podium Sealant claims to be it. By prioritizing speed and clotting ability over longevity, they were able to create a sealant that they say seals punctures up to 10mm faster than anything else on the market. It works by using a slightly different chemical makeup than their others, and because it has more and different particles in it.

Joes No Flats Podium Sealant is the fastest tubeless tire sealant in the world

They say the Podium Sealant is good for just 300km. How long is that in days, weeks or months? They don’t know, and they don’t care. It’s made for the kind of racer who puts new tires on before the race and just needs to ensure nothing fails them on race day. You can ride with it longer than 300km, but the performance will start to degrade. After 300km, they say it’ll perform about like their Elite sealant, then like their Super Sealant after 1000km. So, other than the price, there’s really no downside to using this over the others. The particles flow freely and quickly through the formula, and you can see how many more and how different they are (left) than in the Elite sealant (right).

Joes No Flats Podium Sealant claims to seal tubeless tire punctures up to 10mm faster than any other sealant

It’s latex based, so assuming you’re not the type of person that actually changes to new tires before a race, it can mix with their other latex sealants (or other brands’ products, too).

Retail for the 500ml (16.9oz) bottle is around €30. Compare that to their Super Sealant (6-10 month lifespan) for €17 and their Elite Sealant (up to 3 months) for €22.

joes no flats presta to schrader adapter that replaces the valve core for premium inflation performance

For bikes that aren’t headed to the races, they have a new Presta-to-Schrader conversion that actually replaces the valve core to create a more solid solution than the usual thread-on adapter. A package of two comes with everything you need to install them and should retail for under $10.



    • Might as well sell Blue Ox energy drink on their website too. This sounds like an interesting product though. I’m curious how it compares to Stan’s Race Sealant, which has been great for quick tubeless setup at low sealant volumes(new customer bikes).

  1. I tried both Stan’s and Joe’s and honestly Joe’s wins every single time (tried them a few times for the last 5 years). I guess that now they got even better

  2. Looks like a savvy product! I love their eco sealant and if the podium is anything like that, it’s another winner by Joe’s

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