The new SR Suntour Edge rear shock replaces their UnAir and DuAir models, combining them into a general purpose air shock with external rebound control and your choice of a remote or switched compression lockout. But that’s not what you’re seeing above. That unmarked rear shock is the upcoming Edge TT, for Twin Tube, and adds more features and bigger volume. To see how it’s different, let’s look at the new Edge first…

2019 SR Suntour Edge rear shock for mountain bikes

2019 SR Suntour Edge rear shock for mountain bikes

Available in standard, metric and Trunnion mounts, the Edge is a basic air shock that can be ordered with a full lockout (LO-R) or their 80% lockout (called LO-R8) for riders that just want to firm things up without a complete lockout.

2019 SR Suntour Edge rear shock for mountain bikes

Internal spacers let you adjust the air volume, and it can work with a single or dual remote lever (the dual works the fork simultaneously). They’ve also updated their remote:

SR Suntour remote shock and fork lockout with perfect quick release

Ever launched into a downhill section and forgotten to unlock your suspension but couldn’t relax your grip enough to do it? SR Suntour’s brilliant release mechanism puts a flat paddle perpendicular to the grip. All you need to do to open the suspension is nudge your hand in its direction and you’re ready to rip.

That remote will also work with the new Edge TT when it comes out. No official details on this shock were available, but we can tell a few things from appearances. The “TT” moniker means Twin Tube, which refers to an additional air chamber surrounding the main air chamber, so there’s more air volume.

There’s also a dedicated low-speed compression adjustment knob separate from the lockout. No word on when it’ll come out or price.

2019 SR Suntour Durolux 275 Boost enduro suspension mountain bike fork

When the modern incarnation of the Durolux debuted, it was a 27.5 fork with a 20mm thru axle. Then the 29er came out and used a standard 110×15 Boost axle. Now, the 27.5 model will get that axle, too, making it a little easier to fit more wheels.

2019 SR Suntour Durolux 275 Boost enduro suspension mountain bike fork

2019 SR Suntour Durolux 275 Boost enduro suspension mountain bike fork

The Durolux received a damper update recently, too, switching to a simpler system that lost the external high-speed rebound adjustment. Internally, it became a bit more robust, though, and, honestly, most people won’t miss that particular knob. Travel options are 160/170/180mm, claimed weight is around 2,155g.

SR Suntour Zeron affordable coil spring mtb fork

For more budget minded riders, the new Zeron borrows the same 35mm stanchion chassis as the Axon forks, but goes with a coil spring and basic preload adjustment knob on the left. Damping has a simple low-speed rebound knob, but word is you might be able to fit their higher end RC2 cartridge in there if you wanted more control as your budget and skills improve. It comes only in Boost configuration, for 27.5 and 29er, with 130/140/150mm travel options. Claimed weight is 2,480g, and it’s e-Bike certified, too.


  1. So the TT is an acronym for Twin Tube, but it’s not actually a twin tube damper. I was pretty excited when I read the first paragraph, only to discover that what they mean by TT is just an air can like everyone else does without having a specific marketing term for it.

    Pretty cool to see a somewhat mid-range coil fork though. If they sold that with the RC2 damper for… say $500, I bet they’d steal a lot of RS and Fox’s lunch.

  2. Suntour isn’t messing around. They have come a long way in 5 years. Maybe not the pinnacle of performance but about 99% of what it can be. Love that they have parts and forks direct on their North American website available direct to consumers.

    I took advantage of the discount they are offering on a new fork this winter. Glad I did. I won’t be spending the money on Fox Kashima every again. Good forks just too much money and not really worth the performance bump in real world.

  3. I dont know about which Fox fork you are talking but currently there is not one Suntour fork on par with any Fox offer!

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