AbsoluteBlack has a ton of new chainrings to fit everything from FSA to SRAM to Shimano to almost any standard 110/4 or 110/5 bolt crankset. The options are 1x and 2x, full size and sub-compact. Shown above are the new Oval Premium for FSA ABS 4/5 bolt cranks, a product whose design hid a fifth chainring bolt behind the crank arm, a position that didn’t actually handle much of the torque load. So, AbsoluteBlack simply removed that position, and you can mount these to any FSA ABS model including Gossamer, SL-K and K-Force Light. They’ll come in 34/36/38/39 small rings and 50/52/53 large rings. Retail from €53.99 to €104.99.

absoluteblack round chainrings for shimano 4-bolt dura-ace and ultegra cranks are a more affordable replacement or upgrade

In a bit of a break from their oval love affair, they’ve added round road chainrings for Shimano 11-speed cranks with the asymmetric 4-bolt mounting pattern. Same size options as for FSA models, retail from €43.95 to €89.95, potentially making them a more affordable replacement option than stock rings.

subcompact oval chainring combo for gravel bikes from absoluteblack

Got an older SRAM or Shimano crankset using a 110/4 or 110/5 bolt pattern? Turn that into your new gravel or adventure road bike with these sub-compact chainring combos. They’ll fit older Shimano 10-speed cranks or SRAM cranks with the hidden fifth-bolt. They’re sold individually but designed to work as a pair. Sizes are 32t (32g for ring, sold for €82 with mounting bolts) and 48t (115g, €105).

absoluteblack gravel oval chainrings for 110-4 and 110-5 bolt cranksets

If your gravel bike wants to be a 1x but still relies on older cranks, the new Gravel 1x Oval chainrings have distinct options for both 110/5 and 110/4 BCD cranks. They’re basically a size expansion of their CX oval chainrings, adding 44/46/48/50 tooth options. Prices from €78.95 to €95.95, weights from 80g to 100g. They come with mounting bolts, too.

absoluteblack gravel oval chainrings for 110-4 and 110-5 bolt cranksets

All of AbsoluteBlack’s 1x chainrings use their narrow-wide tooth patterns and in our experience do a good job of keeping the chain in place when paired with a clutched rear derailleur.

absoluteblack 110-5 1x oval chainrings for cyclocross with narrow wide tooth profile

Finishing off the line of new non-direct mount chainring offerings are these CX 1x Oval chainrings for 110/5 BCD. They’re available in 38/40/42 tooth counts and retail for €69.95 each. They also ship with chainring bolts and have been redesigned with threaded bolt holes to make them easier to mount…no more nut and bolt, just thread the bolts directly into the chainring for easier installs and no special tools. Same for the Gravel chainrings, and both versions have the appropriate offset to allow this mounting design, putting the chainline within 1mm of the original (aka Shimano’s optimal published) chainline.

They also make silicone grips, and now they have new color options. They have a 33mm diameter, weigh 70g, and run €70.



  1. I used their 38t for CX last year and it was flawless. I’m on my second mt bike ring as well. Zero drops with their stuff in the 4 years I have been using them. Can’t say the same for another brand that I used on my CX bike.

    • Hi Johnny,
      We just launched 48/32T oval for 110/5 bcd. They will fit to almost any regular 110/5 bcd crank including Sram with hidden bolt without any modifications. We use same patented idea as for our 110/4 bcd 46/30 and 48/32T sets. This one will have 5x titanium M5 bolts. Like before, they can only run in a set so 32 + 48T because the design is very special to fit such small size on the crank spider. With regular M8 bolts this would be impossible like Benedict rightly pointed. But with our special design it actually is.

      Oval design is a lot better and feels better when you pedal. Try them and you will never want to use round. They should be visible on our website in about 2 weeks.

      AB team

    • Hi Brian,
      This is not possible due to very special construction of the 32T that requires also special mounting design of 48T to match together with correct distance between chainrings.

      We plan to do them in future but I can’t give you a firm date at the moment.

  2. Despite the 48/32 chain rings being advertised for gravel they move the chain line 3mm inboard. If your gravel bike has wide spaced chainstays to accommodate wide tyres then the inner chain ring can foul the chain stay. If there rear OLD is 135mm then the cassette is moved 2.5mm outboard further deflecting the chainline and making small / small cross chaining impossible

  3. I’ve recently updated my number 2 bike with a set of 46/30 Absolute Black oval chain rings and they are fantastic. I now want to up grade my new Cannondale Synapse but cannot seem to get any respone ffrom Absolute Black. I’ve tried direct contact both email and messanger with no response. Can you let me know if you have any options for the 5 bolt Cannondale crankset currently running FSA 5 bolt chainrings?

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