If you really want a carbon handlebar but can’t find a stock length that’s just right, it’s a tough thing to start hacking away at your expensive composite component. Not only could you shred the fibers and potentially weaken it, but you may just void the warranty, too.

The new Ibis LoFi and HiFi handlebars solve that problem by giving you 25mm of adjustment on either side, using thread-in alloy extensions that are safer and easier to cut if you want to customize.

Ibis LoFi and HiFi adjustable width mountain bike handlebars

The design means you can test different widths more easily and economically, or even bring them way down if you know you’ll be riding a narrower trail.

Ibis LoFi and HiFi adjustable width mountain bike handlebars

The inserts thread in opposite each other, opposite in the direction you’re most likely to twist the grips. So, if they do move, they won’t over tighten. Seems counterintuitive, but you’re unlikely to twist the grips enough revolutions to bring them anywhere near loose while riding, especially if you’re using lock-ons.

Ibis LoFi and HiFi adjustable width mountain bike handlebars Ibis LoFi and HiFi adjustable width mountain bike handlebars

The specs are:

  • 750mm long without inserts
  • 800mm with inserts installed and uncut
  • 9º upsweep
  • 5º backsweep
  • 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • LoFi: 10mm rise / 238g
  • HiFi: 30mm rise / 249g
  • $169.99 including inserts
  • Replacement inserts: $14.99
  • 7-year warranty

Available now, they’ll ship on Ibis’ higher end complete bikes or can be had for a small upcharge on lower end bikes.



    • Marc L on

      For anyone who’s not 100% sure on their desired width, cutting is awfully permanent. Having an inexpensively replaceable insert makes experimenting and finding a comfortable size a whole lot less of a commitment. Not the first, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid. I wouldn’t necessarily seek them out, but would be pleasantly surprised to see them come on a new bike.

      • Ethan on

        If one of my customers was hesitant on where to / if to cut, I would always just slid the grips / levers shifters in a bit and have them go for a ride. Obviously the little end sticking out isn’t the most sightly / safe, but it would easily get you to a point where you could be comfortable with cutting at that length.

        • Crash Bandicoot on

          Yup this; people have to cut steerer tubes all the time and that’s more expensive/devastating to get wrong than some mtb handlebars.

  1. Celest Greene on

    Even if it’s not the first it’s not a bad idea for dealers. The cool kids want MOAR BARS but a lot of people in the Ibis demographic will be more comfortable at 750ish.

      • i on

        Ibis demographic are the type of rider that start stories with “back in my day” and think a 69 degree head angle is slack. The kind of person that complains about achy joints and “the kids” wanting wider bars, because back in my day 550mm was a wide handlebar.

        Also the kind that can’t figure out how to slide grips in to try riding narrower before cutting. Hell, it would have been cheaper to just include a few kinesis or whatever throwaway bars. Making the temporary bar used for sizing out of carbon doesn’t make much sense to me. But hey, it was a dumb idea that died before, I’m confident it will die again.


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