What do you do to get more people to subscribe to Strava Premium? The answer isn’t Strava Premium at all, but rather an à la carte version of the premium plan called Summit. Now, riders will have a choice for what specific features they can pay more for, or you can pay for all the features just like the current premium version.

Pick your perks w/ the new Strava Summit training pack that replaces Premium

It’s important to note that while Summit will replace Strava Premium, anyone who’s currently a Strava Premium member will retain access to all of their current features at the same price.

If you’re not a current Strava Premium member, then maybe this new Summit pack will convince you to pony up for something above the free version. Split into three different packs, there is the Safey, Training, and Analysis packs. You can choose to pay for just one of the three, or the whole pack – and you can choose to pay for them monthy, or ahead of time for the full year at a substantial discount.


Training Pack: 

  • Custom Goals,
  • Training Plans
  • Filtered Leaderboards
  • Race Analysis
  • Live Performance Data
  • Pace Analysis

Safety Pack:

  • Beacon (share your location during activities)
  • Personal Heatmaps

Analysis Pack

  • Relative Effort
  • Workout Analysis
  • Live Segments
  • Heart Rate Analysis
  • Power Analysis
  • Fitness & Freshness

Each pack is available for $2.99 per month for a single pack, or $7.99 per month for all three. Or you can buy a single pack for a year at $23.99 with all three going for $59.99. Available now.



  1. Do any of the new options keep people from being strav-as*holes and cutting every corner and switchback on mtb trails and being generally dick-ish to other trail users when using it?

  2. Dafuq is Strava? Seriously, I ain’t interested in sharing where I ride with this website, or the public for that matter? As for the KOM horsecrap, what a joke. The fools chasing this stuff need to embrace the fun side of cycling. 99% of Strava is about validation for insecure cyclists, and the corporation behind it is laughing all the way to the bank!

    • I personally think it adds to the fun to beat my previous times and beat my friends on certain segments…nothing wrong with that. It also helps me strive to be faster and improve…I understand why some people dislike Strava, but it’s an awesome app that can be a valuable and fun tool.

  3. Love Strava, it’s like Facebook for cyclists. Helps me figure out where to ride when traveling, seeing where all my friends are riding and generally sharing my rides or keeping track of personal stats. It’s not for everyone, but for me it’s great. I only care about leader-boards with friends and my own personal time…don’t care about total strangers. That said I will NOT renew my premium membership till we can sort out the “online” fake trainer/Zwift rides. Winter time it’s all I see, that is not for me. Which means the premium membership is also not for me.

    • So which is it: you only care about your friend’s times or you can’t enjoy it because Zwifters are all you see?

      I agree Strava is like Facebook for cyclists: only really suited to those so insecure they can’t even ride their bikes without telling everyone about it, and having them congratulate you.

  4. I like seeing what rides my friends are doing, but I can’t see paying for any extra features, especially when Golden Cheetah is free.

  5. The really user hostile news from Strava today is that GPS device manufacturers not named Garmin or Wahoo are being charged a new fee to integrate with Strava segments.

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