There’s simply too much to see at Eurobike to run full stories on everything, but we still want to show it all to you, hence these colorful roundups of little things from brands of all sizes. KCNC’s parts are no stranger to Bikerumor’s pages, and this year we didn’t catch much new stuff from them. In fact, the Reyton dropped mountain bike stem shown above can only be found on eBay these days, but still worth ogling if you like to slam that stem.

They make all manner of brightly anodized parts that are light and functional, like these compression plug headset caps for carbon steerers. Check out the full catalog of current products at

sigma rox 12 is the biggest full color gps cycling computer on the market

The Sigma ROX 12.0 GPS cycling computer debuted in June, but it wasn’t until we saw it in person that its massive size became apparent…

sigma rox 12 is the biggest full color gps cycling computer on the market

It’s nearly as big as a standard iPhone, as evidenced by its proximity to my Plus iPhone with a fat Otterbox case. Like a smartphone, it gets Gorilla Glass, touch screen capability, massive connectivity options and can even send data directly to social media or web apps (via WiFi or your phone’s connection).

sigma rox 12 is the biggest full color gps cycling computer on the market

This is what it looks like in team colors on a bike, but you have a lot brighter options to choose from: Gray, White, Orange, Blue or Green.

sigma rox 12 is the biggest full color gps cycling computer on the market with e-bike controls and range display to show how far you can ride and how much battery power is left

Not only can it sync with your Di2, EPS or eTap drivetrain, it can also sync with e-bikes to show remaining battery life and a map of your estimated range based on which setting you’re using. Check them out at

alligator disc brake hose barb installation tool for perfectly aligned insertion

Alligator has come up with some very clever tools in the past, and their latest is a professional hydraulic brake hose barb installer. Simply put the barb on the threaded driver…

alligator disc brake hose barb installation tool for perfectly aligned insertion

…then use the quick release-style lever to clamp the hose into place and drive it in. The tool ensures smooth, perfect alignment so you don’t damage the hose or the barb.

alligator 220mm disc brake rotor for e-bikes

They also have a new 220mm rotor for e-bikes, which comes with a spacer adapter since this is a non-standard size. Check them out at

swissstop disc brake rotors are finally on sale

It’s been a long time since SwissStop unveiled their Catalyst disc brake rotors, and now they say they’re finally shipping. The carriers were tweaked a little to reduce weight, but the rotor itself appears the same.

It gets a rounded profile to help prevent cuts and slices should you wreck (or be wrecked) in the peloton, something the UCI will very much appreciate. All the options are on

Before we, um, put the brakes on new brakes, we found this dual-pull mechanical caliper from Elvedes, clamping a finned rotor. Elvedes is a European OEM and aftermarket parts supplier offering shops things like cables, housing, brake pads, bearings, etc. So their booth isn’t so much to show off a new product for consumers, but to show product managers and buyers what they are capable of.

Commuter bikes often try to simplify things for more casual users, but solutions like this dual brake cable splitter also help make bikes more accessible to special needs riders.

Ergotec’s new Gravel handlebar has one of the widest flares we’ve seen, going from 480mm wide at the tops all the way out to 620mm at the ends.

The Ergotec Octopus is aimed at the casual touring rider looking for a few different hand positions. It’s wide, hooked bars are angle adjustable, and a computer/accessory mount makes room for stuff to go in front since a standard computer our light mount won’t work.

Chosen Toothed Concept fixed ratchet ring bicycle hub design

Chosen’s hubs are rarely short on innovation, and this year’s addition is the Toothed Coupling drive mechanism.

Chosen Toothed Concept fixed ratchet ring bicycle hub design

At first glance it looks similar to a DT Swiss start ratchet. The difference is that the inner tooth ring is fixed into the hub, where DT’s float on both sides and are backed by a coil spring. Chosen’s rep said their new design offers better reliability because there are fewer moving parts. And, because the fixed ring is threaded into the hub shell, it has better force transfer.

Chosen Toothed Concept fixed ratchet ring bicycle hub design

The floating ratchet uses leaf springs to push it out to the fixed ring when you pedal. Check them out at


  1. Tom on

    calling BS on Chosen’s claim over greater reliability vs DT. Both designs require a spring, so you haven’t eliminated any parts. And history certainly indicates DT is a solid set up.

  2. David Rosenthal on

    Are kcnc making those anodized stems? I can’t seem to find them on their website. The road world needs more purple stems and Paul’s limited edition boxcar stem is not long enough.

  3. Tim on

    It seems the Elvedes MP1000 mechanical disc brake has been around for awhile and is a common product in the Netherlands, although there are none of them available even on eBay.
    This brake is unique among mechanical brakes in being compatible with finned pads. Other than that, I wonder how it’s different from TRP’s Spyre/ Spyke and Rever’s dual pull mechanical brakes.

  4. Nuno Marrazes on

    It appears that the problem with a single moving ratchet is that the ratchets wear out much faster. I think that is why DT Swiss has moved away from the single ratchet system on the first DT Hügi to both sides floating ratchets. I’m having this experience with an Extralite HyperRear hub, whose outer non-floating ratchet is wearing pretty fast.


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